Saturday, April 8, 2017

Canada 150 Quilt: It's your turn!

Here it is!  My Canada 150th quilt design is now a top!  Dancing a happy jig over here!

Canada 150 quilt top - 58.5" x 69.5"

There's a pattern too!
"150" by Canuck Quilter Designs pattern cover

I'm sure you noticed there isn't a finished quilt on the cover.  Generally speaking, I don't like EQ drawings as pattern covers.  I like to see a finished quilt that proves it's doable and looks decent in actual fabric.  However, I know some folks want to get started on this to have a quilt to show off on Canada Day in July, so I focused on the pattern writing before the quilting.  I figure those folks can see the flimsy here for proof that it's doable! As soon as I have the top quilted, I'll have a photo shoot for the pattern cover quilt and fix that cover.

You see that thin little maple leaf border?  I bought a ridiculous amount of border print to get that stripe of maple leaves.  I needed a length of fabric equal to the length of the quilt, so I bought 1 3/4 yards.  That thin little border isn't very wide.  After cutting four strips of maple leaves and discarding the print in between the strips that I didn't need for this, I still have 36" of width left! Still, I love the look.  The splurge was totally worth it!  I'll find some other celebratory project to use up the rest.

Still, if that splurge is not in your budget, you can substitute another fabric, such as polka dots, small stripes or a solid,  and get by with 1/8 yard (1/4 yard as stated in the pattern if you prefer wiggle room in your cutting).  Or, you can find quilty friends who might want to split that border strip yardage lengthwise with you!  You can get 5 quilts' worth of that thin border from the 1 3/4 yards.

Here's a list of the Northcott Sesquicentennial Collection fabric I used for my quilt:
  • Newsprint print (21359-11)
  • Red texture (21341-24)
  • Off-white (21341-11)
  • White-on-red leaf print (21361-24)
  • Border print (21362-11)
  • Backing will be the Canadian trivia print: 21360-11) 

In a previous post I offered to suggest a sewing schedule, so here it is. It really doesn't take long to put this quilt together, but I'm spreading this schedule out over 8 weeks to help folks fit it into small chunks of time here and there and still get a finish by Canada Day.

Week 1 - Cut fabric
Week 2 - Assemble large leaf 
Week 3 - Construct short leaf tip units for small leaf blocks
Week 4 - Piece long leaf tip units for small leaf blocks (super simple unit to paper piece,  just 3 pieces - I'll post a tutorial if you ask for one)
Week 5 - Piece the small leaf blocks' stem units
Week 6 - Assemble small leaf blocks from units made in weeks 3-5
Week 7 - Assemble all parts into quilt center
Week 8 - Add borders

If you start this week, you can be done by the first week in June and have 4 weeks lft for the quilting and binding.  Easy peasy!

In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday this year, I'm offering the pattern free for a limited time in my Payhip shop.  Get yours now and get started!  I'll have a linky party on July 1st to share finished quilts, flimsies, or any progress at all on this quilt or any Canada related sewing.

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  1. Looks wonderful! I might even be able to squeeze this in! The Payhip link didn't work for me. :(

    1. I fixed the typo in the link! It should work now :)

    2. Thanks--got it. Don't know if it will be made by Canada Day, but my Canadian MIL's b'day is the end of July. Maybe!?!

  2. Looks fantastic! I love your little maple leaf border - entirely worth the extra fabric. ~Jeanne

  3. Your "Canada 150" quilt is absolutely gorgeous, and what a great tribute to Canada, a place that is so very special to you! Those fabrics are perfect too. I know you'll find a use for your leftovers. I'm sure your pattern sales will go well when the word gets out. (Just have to add, you are one of the most organized people I 'know'!) ---"Love"

  4. Thank you for your generosity with the pattern. It's a lovely quilt! If people want a less expensive option for the thin maple leaf border, a ribbon trim would give a similar look. I have grosgrain ribbon that looks just like that. I think I got it at Wal-Mart. I would suggest shrinking the ribbon before using it on a quilt.

  5. Joanne, your quilt is absolutely stunning! What a wonderful tribute to Canada. You created a great pattern.

  6. Hi Joanne, Congrats on your pattern and quilt top! I love it. I just downloaded it. I'm really glad that it's paper pieced.
    Thanks so much for linking up at Celebrate-Fêtons 150.

  7. Love it! That little maple leaf border is perfect, may have to buy more of it.

  8. Oh, goodness, look at that little leaf border! What a neat little detail. Can't wait to see it quilted. This looks great.

  9. What a great way to celebrate your nation's birthday! Your use of the fabric design makes it even more special. Thank you for sharing it with us :-) I love the maple leaf!

  10. Thank you for giving us this great pattern for our 150th. I am determined to get it done for Canada Day 2017. I plan to use the Northcott Stonehenge Oh Canada Fabrics and am really looking forward to seeing it come together.

  11. Woo Hoo! Love that border of maple leafs.... well worth the trouble!

  12. Beautiful pattern! Thanks for your generousity!

  13. What a great looking quilt, of course! My fabrics are very different, but I am excited to begin. Thank you for the free pattern download.

  14. I'm sure this pattern will be a big hit and much in demand for those wanting to make a commemorative quilt to mark this important milestone in your country's history.

  15. Thank you so much for the pattern, I have been waiting, (not so patiently) for this pattern, excited to get started!!

  16. That is a beautiful celebration quilt! And wonderful that you have a pattern for it too - now many others can celebrate too! Thank you so much for sharing it on Midweek Makers.

  17. Louise StevensonMay 9, 2017 at 9:29 AM

    Thank you so much for this amazing pattern. I haven't made many quilts, but this one I'm going to attempt for an auction piece for a Gala, being held this Summer on our cottage lake, the theme is Canada 150, so it's perfect!

  18. Good Morning. LOVE this quilt. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I finished sewing my quilt top last night. Now I would like to know how you quilted yours! Have you finished and will you be posting a picture of it completed? Would love some ideas on quilting it.

    1. I'm so glad you like the quilt and have made one as well. About how I quilted it...ahem...(sheepish look here)...I haven't yet. Life got busy! I plan to have it quilted by July 1st. I'm not sure of the deatils yet, as details will probably change once I actually start quilting but so far here's the plan: concentric circles in the background radiating out from the leaf; straight lines in the red strips behind the light coloured leaves;, "150" and possibly "1867-2017" in the large leaf, with straight lines to fill the rest of the leaf. If I am feeling ambitious I'll quilt the abbreviations for the provinces and territories in the light leaves. In the border, who knows...

  19. I just stumbled across your very generous Canada Day gift and have downloaded the pattern. I have been looking for an easy-to-follow pattern for maple leaves as I'm a rank novice at paper piecing. Yours looks like I can do it! Thanks again for your kindness and generosity.

  20. Is this still complimentary?
    Shows $9.

    Been looking for a Canada quilt that I feel I can do - this looks perfect!

    1. This quilt goes together easily. I hope you give it a try. As I wrote in the post, the pattern was free for a limited time (though that turned into almost 3 months!)It has been available for purchase since July 2nd.

      Your comment came through as a "no-reply" and I could not find an email address, so I hope you stopped back here for a reply!


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