Wisdom from my daughter

I've been in a little bit of a creative and blogging slump the last few months.  I couldn't muster much energy for sewing and no enthusiasm at all for sitting down at the computer or surfing blogs.  Maybe the grey, cold, wet spring was to blame.  Maybe I just needed a break.  Maybe I was exhausted from watching my daughter be exhausted from slogging through the last projects and exams and activities and emotional upheavals of her high school career.

She graduated with honors this past Sunday, and gave one of the commencement addresses. She spoke beautifully about the need to face any challenge with the belief that one is good enough to succeed.  She challenged all her classmates, and the rest of us too, to always answer "Yes, I am good enough"  when confronted with whatever life throws at us. 

I am so, so proud of this strong, confident, accomplished and compassionate young woman!

She is now at a new-to-her summer camp as a camp counselor until she starts university in the fall, putting her own advice into practice as she embraces new adventures and makes new friendships.

As for my slump?  I am telling myself I am good enough to finally start things I have been avoiding, and I suspect getting past those will re-energize me to get more productive in the sewing room and socializing in blogland again.  See you again soon!


  1. What a beautiful and smart daughter you have! No doubt she will conquer anything life brings her if she keeps the attitude she has now. As for your slump, just know that you too can conquer whatever you choose; you've done it many times before! ---"Love"

  2. Just go sew SOMETHING! But I understand. Sometimes it's just not the focus or priority or doesn't even sound like fun. I find picking music I truly love helpful (I'm a big Green Day fan, for example, and forget how much I love them if I haven't heard them in a while and then whammo! I'm sewing away like a maniac!). And of course, fabric I love, but not too much that I don't want to cut it up! So: RAH RAH RAH GO QUILTER!!! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. You go girl! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  4. Congratulations to your lovely daughter! I hope she has a fun summer and does well in college. I love the message "I am good enough", sometimes we need a reminder. Hope you are out of your slump and enjoying creating again soon!

  5. There are so many fine young people in the world today. You have very right to be proud of her and her achievements. I'm sure your sewing mojo will return. Sometimes we need a break even from the things we enjoy.

  6. Looks and sounds like you have an incredible daughter. Sometimes they have just the bit of wisdom we need to hear.

  7. We are good enough. We just have to want and believe

  8. Congratulations to your daughter! She sounds like a fine young woman. And I hope you move past your slump and enjoy putting needle and thread to fabric soon. I've missed you here in Blogland :)

  9. Huzzah for a graduation, and with honors!

    Enjoy the warmer weather and change in season.

  10. Sometimes we need a break to just be! Sounds like there are lots of changes at your house and change is always tough to work through. Here's hoping a spark of creativity gets you back to something you enjoy! Sounds like some doodling and a new project are in order to change things up a bit. Hugs and good luck!

  11. Funny I should read this today after a week when I have been thinking of that phrase, or one similar, 'I am enough' from Leah Day, as well. I think social media tends to put unreasonable expectations on us when we see others' fake lives, because they are fake, not the real deal. Hugs to you, and hope some sunny days (I hear ya on the 'spring of winters' as Ann Casey called it) will help you feel better.


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