Friday, April 15, 2022

Knotted sample almost finished

I can say with absolute certainty that I have never sewn as much in so little time as I have so far this year.  Since I had nine new designs accepted for 2022 fabric catalogs late last fall,  I've been scrambling to write the patterns, test them, and make cover quilts for all of them.  I think I'm finally in the home stretch!

Knotted is one of the ones I've been working on.

I designed this one for Banyan Batik's Birds of Paradise collection, featured in the January 2022 look book, but those fabrics are not shipping yet, so I resorted to browsing my local quilt shop.  It wasn't a hardship :)  I came home with this pretty stack in mid February.

In late February or early March (it's all a blur now), I dove into the first, then second drafts of the pattern.

By mid-March, I was finally ready to start cutting.  I really wanted to start cutting earlier using the rough notes I made in the fall, but it's really better, from a pattern editing perspective, for me to actually use the pattern as I've written it. As I make a quilt from a first draft, I always find details I have left out, or things that aren't as clear as I thought.  I like to find those issues before I send the pattern for outside tech editing and/or testing.  So, I waited for that first draft before I started cutting.

Wasn't that a pretty stack of pieces?  Next up was a little bit of chain piecing...

...and trimming. 

FYI, the units from the trimming photo are not the ones in the chain piecing photo. I'm just clarifying that for those of you who might spend some time trying to figure out how flying geese came out of those chain pieced units. :)

All the units tuned into blocks.  It looks more complex than it actually is.  Chain piecing and stitch-and-flip makes these quick and easy, and pressing directions helps the seams nest for nice seam matching.

Adding a little sashing and borders finished up this top.  I'm calling it Knotted, because I think the small pink squares look like knots on a string lattice.

I don't have a photo of the quilted and bound quilt yet, because it's not bound yet.  It's quilted, thanks to wonderful longarmer Liz Meimann, but it's still waiting on me for the binding.  I had a couple of other patterns and quilt tops to work on first, but now the decks are cleared and I can work on binding. 

How are your quilty projects coming along?



  1. Very pretty quilt and congrats on all the patterns being accepted!

  2. Really cool design. With the sashing like that it looks like it's on point, not square. Another one with pretty reds!

  3. Cannot wait for this pattern - love the fact that you will be including pressing for pieces to nest as pressing seams open never works for me! Love, love, love your final colors!

  4. It just amazes me to see your production level this year. Pretty Impressive. This is a clever design. And yes, it is a pretty selection of fabrics.

  5. Hi Joanne, what a lovely quilt. Best of luck on all of your quilts and patterns. Take care


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