Friday, July 28, 2023

Party Crackers dark edition off the UFO stack

 As I mentioned in my last post, I'm on a mission to shrink the UFO stack.  This version of Party Crackers was an easy one to move to the finished stack.  It had been waiting for binding much longer than I care to admit.  It just kept being pushed the bottom of the priority list because it didn't have a deadline.

The dark background version of Party Crackers, Rosie approved, is bound and ready to use.  Well, not right now.  There's a heat advisory right now.  I'll wait until fall to use the quilt, but it is finished!

I actually pieced this quilt top in November 2021.  I think I sent it out for longarm quilting in winter 2022.  I even had binding ready to go when it came home from the quilter's, so I really can't fathom why it's been sitting unbound on a shelf until now.  I don't even know why I didn't share any pictures in progress, because I have pictures.  I guess it's just been a weird and busy few years.

So,  though I'm late sharing, here are some process pictures.

 Fabric Pull
Jason Yenter prints (mostly from the Resplendent collection)
 Grunge for the background

Fabric cut, ready to piece

Chain piecing stitch-and-flip-units

So much pressing!

Block in progress

Quilt top inspection by Rosie, November 2021

Party Crackers Finally finished, July 2023!

I'd like to say I didn't finish sooner because I was undecided about what fabric to use for binding, but I don't think  that much indecisiveness is any better than just not getting around to finishing.  Still, I was indecisive.  I actually had binding strips cut from the medium purple before changing my mind  and cutting the blue I eventually used, but I kept waffling back and forth.  I finally committed to the blue this past weekend and I'm very happy with my choice.  I probably would have been just as happy with the purple.  I'm just happy to have it done!

Of all the quilts I have made, I think this is the one that has sat the longest after quilting, waiting for binding.   What's your best binding story?

Happy quilting,


  1. Why worry about it! It's done now, beautiful & ready to use, when it isn't so "hot". Love that colour way & I could tell about some of my quilts that have all sat in differing stages of "unfinished". To tell the truth............the 2020s have been exceptionally strange on so many fronts & a lot of people have struggled through them. Take care & hugs from a very windy down under.

  2. I love the color palette, and the clever design. Dark backgrounds always appeal to me. Kudos to you for getting this across the finish line!

  3. I love it Joanne, the colours are beautiful and the design is very effective and party like, too. Well done on the finish and the smaller ufo pile!


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