Friday, August 4, 2023

Choosing what to finish next...

As I mentioned earlier, I'm committed to not starting anything new for the next month or so.  I'm under no illusion that I'll completely eliminate my stack of UFOs (unfinished objects) but I'll be happy to make it a little smaller.  So far I've moved Chef's Kiss and Party Crackers over to the finished pile.

What's next?  I think a pictorial list might help me narrow things down.

Flimsies waiting for quilting
Clockwise from top left:
1. Flipped placemats and runner
2. Fresh Wrapped placemats and runner
3. Rush in Island Batik scraps
4. The Accidental Quilt

Flimsies waiting for quilting
Clockwise from top left
1. Stellar Breeze test blocks quilt
2. Focal Point runner
3. Tiles
4. Prairie Point runner

Flimsies that need a little more work
1. Guild round robin
2. Un-named bonus quilt

Quilts with quilting started but interrupted
1. Anne Quilt
2. RSC Butterflies

Fabric committed to projects
1. Flipped placemat set for Canada Day
2. Connecting Geese blue version
3. Quartz Clusters with dark background

I think the four quilts in the first grouping are most likely to be finished first.  I'm still pretty excited about those.  I've just been short on time to work on them.

The next four have all been sitting a very long time, probably because I'm less excited about them.  The smaller three projects might get done because they're small and potentially quick to finish.  I'm less certain about Tiles.  I remember being very excited about this one.  It was going to be a pattern, until I started writing it and fell out of love.  Maybe finishing it will make me love it again, but it's not at the top of my list by any means.

The two unfinished flimsies will get done eventually, but it may take a while.

I'm sad the two partially quilted quilts are on this list.  

The Anne quilt is made with Anne of Green Gables fabric and I love the quiet simplicity of the design.  I started hand quilting it when I had more time.  Now I get tingling fingers when I hand quilt, so I'm debating picking out my stitching and machine quilting it instead.  I really like the hand quilted look on this one though.

Unfortunately, I've fallen out of love with the butterfly quilt.  I had a vision for it, but my tastes have changed.  I wish I'd given it a simpler setting.  Also, my machine is not playing well with freemotion and ruler quilting right now.  Maybe by the time I get that sorted I'll be more eager to start quilting this one again.

Finally, the fabric pulls.  I suppose they don't count as UFOs since they aren't technically started yet?  Working on those would only slow down the UFO-busting mission, but they're so tempting...

I'll keep you posted on what moves forward!  What's the state of your UFO collection?


  1. I like how you've taken photos of the flimsies/WIPs so you know where to start. I'm not that orgnised, but maybe I'll try and work on mine & post what needs doing too. I've many fabric pulls & my own patterns with them, but really want to learn how to write decent instructions so I can maybe put out a few patterns too. Thanks for you thoughts on this subjuect, take care & hugs.

  2. You have some great UFO’s. There are a few that won’t take long to get done. So stay motivated. You can do it… The ones you don’t like do easy quilting, finish and donate.. Then it hasn’t gone to waste by sitting unfinished.

  3. I have over 70 UFO's - many of which my quilter sister left when she passed away. She had over 30 plastic boxes with lids, each with fabric and a pattern, and some partially cut out or partially sewn. I listed and numbered all of her UFO's and mine, and then made slips of paper with each number. Whenever I finish one project, my husband draws a number and start on that project next. I TRY to do 2 projects per month (in addition to my "current" quilts) but don't punish myself if I miss the date. So far, so good! Lots of friends and family are receiving bed quilts, lap quilts, baby quilts, table runners, wall hangings, and other quilty gifts.


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