Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Quilt Top or Quilt Back?

I've hit a small snag.  That quilt backing I was making in my previous post?  I think it wants to be a quilt top.

This is actually a little bit funny, because by Friday evening I hated what I had so far and I wasn't convinced I should keep going, even if I hid it on the back of the quilt.  It was just too busy for me.  If I didn't even like it as a back, I certainly wasn't considering it as a top!

I think I started coming around when I discovered I had enough scraps of that blue swirly fabric to go around the jumbled center.  I think that visually calmed the center.  Finding enough darker scraps to piece into a border to frame everything pulled it all together.  I really like it!

Now, I need to make a decision.  Do I abandon my challenge to not buy anything to make the original quilt, or do I head to the quilt shop and buy backing for not one, but two quilts?

What would you do?



  1. I would talk to your longarmer. If she (or he!) is game to use this for the back, I'd stick with the original plan. But if there is hesitation or concern, make two quilts. Or are you quilting this? Are you comfortable with spots that may have a LOT of seams? I think it would be wonderful as a bonus to the quilt, but it is truly beautiful and would do well to stand by itself, too.

  2. It's too pretty to put on the back ! What about a reversible quilt ? Or off to the fabric store to buy 2 backing fabrics . I'd love to see a tutorial on a reversible quilt.

  3. I do think it would make a good quilt top on it's own. But if you go with your original plan you could have a double sided quilt as long as you do an all over pattern instead of custom quilting.

  4. Definitely buy fabric for 2 quilts! It's so pretty!

  5. If it's a throw quilt, then use it as backing - both sides will be seen and loved!

  6. Well, do you keep all your quilts, or do you gift them away? Maybe thinking about that will help you decide whether you need one quilt or two.
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  7. Head to the quilt shop for backing........ ...?, they are both gorgeous. If you decide to use it for the back, Jean(above) suggests an all over E2E, which would be good. Look forward to seeing one/both quilted. Take care & hugs.


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