Thursday, February 15, 2024

Boxed Kisses: a FQ-friendly quilt

I don't usually design with precuts in mind.  I usually come up with the design then figure out how much of each fabric it needs.  Boxed Kisses just happened to be fat quarter-friendly.  Happy accident!

Boxed Kisses by Canuck Quilter Designs.
This version made with Flutter Wings, an Island Batik collection designed by Kathy Engle

While you can make the quilt with regular 1/4 yard cuts, the geometry of the cut pieces make the FQ a bit more efficient.  The leftovers are larger pieces that can be more useful for another project.  Of course, a regular 1/4 yard cut s usually cheaper than a fat quarter, so it's not a cut-and-dried choice.  Just know you can get all the required parts from either one.

I made the cover quilt from the Flutter Wings collection designed by Kathy Engle for Island Batik.  I couldn't resist the bright cheerful colors when I designed this last winter.  If you think you might need some for a mid-winter project, look for the collection arriving in stores this month.

Fabrics from the Flutter Wings collection from Island Batik

They even look good all cut up.  I've been quilting for almost 24 years now, and it still astounds me that there's enough fabric in this compact little collection of cut parts to make a whole quilt top.

Fabric cut to make Boxed Kisses

Make a few stitch-and-flip units...

Boxed Kisses blocks in progress

...and then a miracle happens.

Boxed Kisses throw size quilt top

Well, not a miracle.  Just follow the rest of the pattern and a quilt top happens. I really like the sashing effect in this design, and I really love that it doesn't involve measuring and sewing any long sashing strips across or down the quilt.  It's all in the blocks, and I figured out pressing directions so the seams all nest so it's easy to line all the sashing up.  

The next time I make this one (maybe in red and whites for Valentine's Day 2025, since it's clearly too late to make it for this year) I'll switch a few of the kisses (X-blocks) to hugs (O-blocks).   It's a very quick and simple block variation I included in the pattern.

My friend Chris quilted this one for me in time to take photos before I shipped this quilt out to California so Island Batik could include it in their Fall/Winter 2023 catalog. It's nowhere near this green outside right now, though at least it isn't snowy anymore.  Snowy would be prettier than the drab greys and browns outside my window right now, but then it would be colder...  There's just no pleasing me weather-wise right now!  Let's just enjoy a few more summer quilt pictures.

I'm off to sew a bit more on a test quilt for the Mystery Quilt-along I'm launching on February 29th!  Several people have asked if they need to choose a single dark fabric and a single light fabric, or could they use dark scraps and light scraps.  I'm testing that concept.  It's going well so far!

Happy quilting,



  1. This is a cute one, Joanne. I love how you designed the box. Great job! ;^)

  2. Obviously I missed this post when it was originally posted. I really love this--the design, the name, the fabrics. It all works together beautifully. And knowing there are no long, skinny pieces to create the sashing is very encouraging. :)


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