Friday, February 16, 2024

Scrappy Two-Colour Quilt in Progress

You may have read about my upcoming Two-Colour Mystery Quilt-along, launching on February 29th.  Can you believe there are already close to 1,000 quilters signed up to participate?  I'm thrilled that I'm not the only one excited about it.

One question I've been asked more than once is whether you have to use a single dark fabric and a single light fabric.  That's how I designed it, but the question made me think beyond that.  What would a scrappy version look like?  I tried to mock it up but I find it hard to colour a scrappy quilt in EQ.  

What's a quilter to do?  Attack actual scraps, of course.

You can see I've restricted my selection to a single color and chose prints that read mostly dark compared to the white I've chosen for my light.   Some of the prints include white in them, but I rejected white-on-red prints that had large white parts, like the large white-on-red dot below.  The white accent was too large.  Where the white dot bled into the background, the line between light and dark wasn't as crisp as I wanted.

I could have chosen assorted white-on-white scraps for my lights as well, but I'm woefully short of white scraps so I'm using yardage of white Grunge that I had on my shelves.

I don't know how well the design would work in scraps of multiple colors, but I'm happy to report that "controlled scrappy" in a single color family is working out really well. 

I need to stop sharing now.  I really, really want to show you what this test looks like up on the design wall, but that would spoil the mystery so I'm stepping away from the computer!  The sewing machine is more fun anyway :)

Happy quilting,



  1. I am having* trouble choosing my two colors!

  2. 1000 is awesome! I'm excited to be one of them and finished my must-do project yesterday (just as well since the next two weeks will be crazy at work and I'll be exhausted when I get home), prewashed and pressed my fabric (that color catcher sure came out pink!) and am now just waiting. But seeing those papers... Paper piecing? Oh no!

  3. Very cool that you have over 1000 participants, Joanne. I am watching from the sidelines, but very interested to see the outcome.

  4. Got my fabrics cut & set up in baggies


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