Tuesday, February 5, 2013

At a standstill

Quilting slowed to a standstill here shortly after my last post.  My ambitious plan to tame my scraps also ground to a halt.  It seems it is possible to do too much ironing and cutting at a sitting.  Into day two of scrap taming my elbow became very sore and grasping, pulling or lifting hurt.  A touch of Quilter’s Elbow, perhaps?  Clicking a mouse or typing for any length of time was also out.  Hand quilting too.  Humph and grump.

I have been resting the arm, and it now only aches a little bit now and then, so I am going to try some sewing again today.  Yay!  On the agenda are two or three more small lone stars, followed by a little bit of hand quilting on the Canada quit.  And yes Mom, I will not overdo!

Because it just feels wrong to post without a picture or two, here’s a look at what I got done on the Canada quilt before the interruption.





  1. Such incredible quilting!! But do take it easy a few days, okay? ---"Love"

  2. Your Canada quilt is looking wonderful! I love the colors you used and the quilting is really adding to the beauty! Take it easy and just do a little at a time. Don't want to overdo!

  3. Keep your scraps by the ironing board and when you are pressing units for a quilt, iron one or two scrap pieces. Cut your scrap pieces when you are cutting fabric for a quilt. One or two pieces at a time is all it takes. All your scraps will get pressed and cut and you won't wear your arm and elbow out! Love that quilt by the way. The colors are scrumptious!


  4. Does this mean you can be excused from clothes ironing, washing, vacuuming, cleaning, cooking.....

    Your quilting is exquisite - I admire anyone who can hand quilt. Hope you are back to full strength soon.


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