If you need a chuckle...

I don't know about you, but the "Advice from a 1949 Singer Sewing Manual" contained in this blog made me chuckle. I'm just thinking of the state of my house when I really need to sew... And dabbing on the lipstick before I sit down at the machine? My husband would think the pod people had arrived! :) Happy guilt-free quilting (just go ahead and leave those dishes in the sink! - you'll get to them eventually).


  1. HAHAH! Thanks for the laugh! :) Christine

  2. That was very funny. They probably didn't think so at the time, but it sure is now! I think my dishes have suffered over a room full of fabric pieces instead!

  3. This brings to mind a conversation a quilter once told me. Her machine is in the "bonus room" on the second story and Texas gets very hot! She used to quilt in her underwear and a pair of dish-washing gloves (before quilting gloves were invented). Wouldn't you love to see the 1950's guest that showed up at that household? :) Theri

  4. LOL - aahh, the 1950s. Why did we ever leave them behind? Ann :-)

  5. That story is great! Dishes in the sink or an unmade bed never bother me when I want to sew. They will be there when I stop sewing! ! !


  6. Actually, when I was a stay at home mom, I used to do exactly what was recommended. With 3 kids you never knew what was gonna happen. I always got the housework done and planned dinner, too, just so I could maximize my time at my machine! I used to think of it as self-defense - I was ready for anything, LOL.

  7. Thanks for the link to the "manual". DD1-teenageer, read it and laughed.

  8. Oh, if only that writer could see me quiltin' some morning! I'm usually in my worn-out satin pj's until after noon! I recently re-discovered some of my mother's old cookbooks, and the ladies in those pictures were just like those described in your story. *grin* My, how times have changed! ---"Love"


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