March Swap Blocks

I finished my first two sets of blocks for the APQ Blog Buddies Swap. I hope they're scrappy enough even if they're colour themed. I've discovered my stash is definitely blue-heavy, from all the fat quarters I bought at once a couple of years ago for a blue scrappy quilt that hasn't happened yet. All my other quilts yielded surprisingly few leftovers. I guess I've done a good job (or bad job, depending on your point of view) just buying enough for a particular project.

And look at what these blocks do on point. It amazes me that just looking at a different angle makes me see more movement. Do you see that too, or is just my eyes? I just may have to set my share of the blocks on point.


  1. They're beautiful. All-blue is okay. They'll all balance out in the end!

  2. Blue and white quilts are my favorite! :) Theri

  3. They are "beautimous"!! And I do see more movement in the on-point set. I'd probably do that too! Great job! ---"Love"

  4. Wow! You really have some beautiful blue fabrics. And it is amazing how the orientation of blocks can show movement. But, we really need to get you past the "good job" stage. Once you get to the "I can't remember what I bought this for" stage...ah! Now that's stash heaven! Mary

  5. These are soooooo pretty but blue is my favorite color so I'm a little biased. Love your blocks and they do look wonderful on point.

  6. Oh pretty!! They look great on point. I started cutting up fabric for my blocks tonight! :) Christine

  7. Blue is a favorite of mine, too. Love the blocks. I gotta get busy!

  8. Fantastic blocks Joanne! Love them set on point too. Cheers Ann :-)


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