Friday, April 15, 2011

Finishing a prairie point edge

I finished the quilting on the swap quilt earlier this week.  Yay!

Now I am finishing up the prairie point edge, sewing the backing fabric to the back of the prairie points.  I took pictures to show the process, because I don’t think I did a very good job explaining to Mom on the phone last night.

Update 30 January 2015: For a more detailed explanation of finishing a prairie point edge, as well as information on planning, folding and attaching points, see my new Prairie Point Tutorial Series

First, sew the prairie points to the front of the quilt before you quilt it.  Stop any quilting about an inch away from the edge of the quilt.  I questioned that suggestion, but I’m glad I followed it because now that I’m finishing the back I see that you need that unquilted space to maneuver.

Once the quilting is done, trim the backing fabric about half an inch larger than the raw edge of the quilt top (you could do less, but I like having more turn-under to work with).
Trim the batting a quarter inch smaller than the raw edge of the quilt top.


Flip the prairie points out away from the quilt.  The batting will tuck under the seam allowance.


Fold the edge of the backing fabric so the fold just covers the seam line on the prairie points.  Pin and hand stitch to the prairie points.


Here’s the back. Getting the corner of the backing nice and pointy and not visible from the front of the quilt was fiddly. If anyone has any tips on how to do it I’m open to suggestions.


Here’s the front.  Only one more side to stitch and the quilt will be finished!

And here’s a peek at my incentive to finish the swap quilt today:

These were on sale today and I’m allowed to play with them as soon as the swap quilt is done.


  1. I can't wait to see it finished! From what I can see, the fussiness of the prairie point finishing is worth it - it looks great. And those new fabrics...yummy! New projects are always such fun - do share what you're making.

  2. I have never done prairie points, and always wondered how to finish the back of the quilt. You make it look so easy, (and yours is beautifully done , too.) I love your new fabrics.


  3. I love the setting fabric you picked and the prairie points look great!

  4. Nice points! I'd like to try them one day. Love the polkadot fabric (and the others ain't too shabby either!).

  5. Your prairie point edges look amazing! How wonderful you are to have finished your swap quilt. I haven't started yet but I am inspired. Nice new fabrics to play with! Ann :-)

  6. Your quilt and prairie points are beautiful, and the tutorial will be very helpful when I finally get brave enough to try the points. I learned a lot from your blog, and I'm bookmarking this one! ---"Love"


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