Friday, April 1, 2011


In the past week I’ve turned my attention to the Swap Quilt.  How to quilt it???  I finally settled on “Hedgerow” from Quiltmaker’s Quilting Motifs, Volume 1, with detail added in the center.
IMG_4657 IMG_4658
Still, I wasn’t completely certain this was the way to go, so I reached for the scrap bin and made up a few extra blocks to test the quilting pattern on.  Since I had the blocks, I decided the test might as well be something useful as well and it turned into a table runner.  I think I’ll donate it to a school fundraiser coming up.
IMG_4649 Here’s a better look at the quilting on the block.
I’m happy with it overall, though how much I like it depends on what kind of lighting there is.  I’m also wondering if I should enlarge the pattern just a wee bit to fill the block just a bit more.
I quilted an ivy leaf vine in the border.
IMG_4650I’m happier with the ivy than I am with the hedgerow, but it really wouldn’t look good in the block :)  On the plus side, looking at how this border works with what I did in the blocks I think a cluster of maple leaves in each setting triangle in the swap quit might work well.
Now, what shall I do in the sashing?  I had thought to just quilt in the ditch, but the sashing in the runner looked bare when I did that and needed an extra little something.  I need to keep thinking on that one.
In the meantime, I need to figure out how I am going to baste the quilt.  My table is too small and all my floors are carpeted. I’ve paid to have a longarm quilter baste large quilts for me in the past, but she gets more expensive every time and the last time I had a tough time getting the tiny locking stitches that sewed down the centre of the quilt!  This time I’ll figure something out by myself.


  1. I like the motif, but wonder if something with a little more movement in the blocks would be better? In the end, it's your quilt, so do what YOU like! The quilting itself is beautiful. As for basting, I have a much-carpeted house and have pinned the backing to the carpet, laid the layers over it and carefully slipped my cutting mat under (it's 24x36 I think?) where I'm pinning and scooch it around as I pin. Be careful not to scooch your quilt with it, but I pinned dozens this way before getting my longarm and it worked quite well.

  2. I think it is perfect, considering I just stitch-in-the-ditch. Wish I had the batting to do my sandwiching tutorial. I had it, but then used it to upgrade my design wall. The runner turned out lovely!


  3. The table runner is stunning, it will be a beautiful donation to the school fundraiser! I plan to just stitch-in-the-ditch on my swap quilt, too, so I am impressed with what you have created!

  4. Have you thought about getting a couple cheap folding tables? I have 2 that I set up in the garage and it is wonderful for basting. Sometimes the tables are on sale at Target or some such store and it might be worth it. If you used them a few times per year, you wouldn't have to pay someone to baste for you.

  5. With all your planning, that is going to be a fantastic quilt! I like Ruth's idea of the tables. I think you'd be surprised by how much you will use them. Or maybe you could ask your church if you could go to the fellowship hall and set up a couple of tables long enough to baste it there, or maybe your quilt shop would allow you to do it at their tables on a day they have no classes. The worst either place could say is no. What's that verse? --- "Ye have not because ye ask not!" *grin* ---"Love"

  6. I like how you audtioned the quilting;) I have carpeted floors, and baste all my stuff on it. I use safety pins though...haven't thread basted a quilt since I can remember. It can be done;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. I really like the patterns you picked out to quilt your test blocks with, althought I think it makes it look a lot like fall, which might not work as well with all the colorful blocks in the Swap Quilt. I have basted all my own quilts and my favorite method is to use thin board and unroll a few inches at a time as I baste, that way you don't need a huge surface to work with. I think "Love" posted a video link to this method sometime earlier last year.

  8. The table runner,...a test item is gorgeous, some one will get something nice. I like the pattern you have chosen, the hedgerow looks just right and the ivy is pretty too.


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