Friday, April 20, 2012

I should be quilting

My latest quilt is half quilted so I should be working on that but I couldn’t wait to share a picture so I’m blogging instead.


Nothing except the outline quilting in the white star is quilted the way I had originally planned.  I had to unpick some of that original plan when I realized it didn’t look like I had imagined.  I like this much better. 

I’m happy to report that my freemotion is improving, with fewer miniscule stitches and better consistency in stitch length overall.  I still have to mark everything though.  Freehand just isn’t working out.  I don’t even do background filler very well.  I just can’t get the random look so I avoid filler.

I was rather critical of my work on Wednesday evening, focusing on the wobbles and inconsistencies in the quilting in the sashing and wishing I could make this spectacular like the quilts over at Tamarack Shack (if you haven’t been there yet, be warned, her custom quilting is pure eye candy and may make you drool).  My newly minted teen (turned 13 on Saturday, how did that happen?) looked at me and said “I like it.  Sometimes simple is best.  And this is what, your 4th machine quilted quilt?”  Yes. “And how long have all those other quilters been machine quilting?”  More years than me.  Trust a kid to put it all in perspective!

So here’s a picture of the kid’s 13th birthday cake, because he knows I posted a picture of his sister’s, though of course my two angels would never think of keeping track of such things!



  1. Your quilting is wonderful, you are way ahead of me with your effort. You are so good at imagining a pattern and quilting it! I still mostly stitch in the ditch. Your quilt will be gorgeous when you are finished! Love the birthday cake, too. You put a lot of love and effort into all you do!

  2. Wish I were doing that well! I think you are machine quilting really great, and I especiall love that little loopy design! I can see why you wanted to share it; the quilt will be really special. I love the bright colors too. That cake is incredible, and I'm sure delicious! ---"Love"

  3. I really like the way you quilted it as well! I have a hard time figuring out a good quilting pattern and most of the time end of using an over all pattern. I love the colors too!

  4. Love it. Simple. Sweet. Not overdone. Let's the quilting really shine. Good job. Beautiful start. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

  5. The quilting is fantastic! I love the swirls - they're perfect! And that is one angry bird... :)


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