Thursday, April 12, 2012

No quilt, but cake!

No finished quilt yet.  I finished the center of the star quilt from the last couple of posts very quickly, but stalled at the borders. I finally settled on something earlier this week, then spent a good part of yesterday taking them off again.  I’ve read so many different books and blogs and tutorials about how to attach borders so they won’t ripple and the quilt will lie flat that you’d think I could manage it by now.  These particular borders made the quilt’s corners curl up.  I’m not looking for perfection, but all four corners really shouldn’t pull up like little cups!

I have had the satisfaction of completing something creative though.  Last weekend was my daughter’s birthday so cake decorating was in order.


The inside was the really fun part!  Thanks to Megan at NotMartha for the idea and instructions.  This coming weekend I have to follow up with a cake for my son’s 13th…I’m still tossing ideas around for that one.  There’s nothing like the last minute!


  1. That is one of the coolest birthday cakes I have ever seen! You did the outside really well, but the inside is fantastic! How did you do it?


  2. That is such a cute cake! Bet it tasted just as good as it looks, too. Hope your borders straighten out so we can see what you have been working on.

  3. Awesome cake! If I tell you when my birthday is and that's it's ONLY about an 8 hour drive between us, can I get a cake like that? :) My only advice for borders is to pin, pin, pin. I pin either end and then ease in any extra in the middle, a little at a time, pinning every 4-6 inches. It's not easy, though. I've had my share of border troubles.

  4. Wow, what a colourful cake. Cake is perfect for quilting troubles. I find the middle/centre of my quilt...find the middle/centre of the border...measure from the middle/centre of the quilt to each edge...take that measurement and measure from the middle/centre of the border and place a pin. When you put the border on the quilt match the middles/centres and the pins should lineup with the edges of the quilt. Pin at all seams and sew. My way of keeping the quilt laying flat.

  5. Girl, you could go into the catering business with cakes like that one! What a beauty it was! I'm surprised your daughter was willing to cut it! ---"Love"

  6. That's a fabulous cake! You have hidden talents. I concur with Katie - pin, pin, pin. You can also try sewing the seam with your walking foot. I find it helps. ann :-)

  7. That cake is awesome!! I love the swirls on the inside;) Reminds me of the cakes my mom used to make for our birthdays;)
    Happy Quilting!!


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