Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I made in March

IMG_5640Remember these from early March?

I couldn’t show you then what I was planning with these because it was a gift and my husband assured me the recipient, who reads this blog, would guess right away that it was her birthday gift.  Now that the birthday has come and gone I can share.


Around the table right side

The pattern is “Around the Table” by Karen Neary. The center mat is paper pieced in sections.  Apparently this is reversible too.  I was so focused on the piecing that it didn’t occur to me but it did occur to the gift’s recipient.

Around the Table reverse side


  1. Those are gorgeous! What a great gift! ! !

  2. Wow, love the color combo. That is the neatest table mat and place mat set I have ever seen! Well done!


  3. Incredible! The pieced side will be beautiful on the table anytime, but just think how pretty ANY dishes will look on the back side! The roses and the table/chairs are beautiful too! I may have to try that pattern for my round tables. ---"Love"

  4. Perfect! I think it takes a non-quilter to see things like quilts being reversible...because I wouldn't have seen that either for focusing on the pieced side.

  5. Fantastic Idea! Looks beautiful

  6. Hi, just want to say thanks to you for doing such a great job with my design! The placemats and runner are beautiful.


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