Saturday, December 8, 2012

Clearing the design wall

Having finally finished Whimsy I wanted to reward myself with a simpler, shorter project but my design wall was occupied by my blue Kyoto Gardens quilt-in-progress (designed by Judy Martin).  I could have taken down all the pieces but decided to just plow through, finish up the stars, and assemble all the pieces I had before tucking it away.


Finishing up the last 4 stars went much more quickly and smoothly than making the first 8 because I followed all the directions.  It turns out that when the author says she recommends finger pressing seams instead of using an iron to press as you assemble these blocks, she knows what she is talking about.  I was afraid I would stretch the bias that way, but I actually mucked things up using the iron.  Sigh.  Anyway, the last four blocks are lovely, flat and not distorted in anyway, all with the use of my fingers only.  Lesson learned.

I still need to add borders to this quilt, but it was in good shape to come off the design wall so it is back in a box while I play with Christmas colours instead.



  1. I love the secondary design between the stars! That's going to be a beautiful quilt! ---"Love"

  2. Wow, cool quilt. Love your color choices and the way you made the stars!


  3. Kyoto Garden is SO pretty! But reading the directions? Pshaw...that's for beginners! :)


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