Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to the garden

The weather has finally turned balmy enough to make it pleasant to move on from the planning to the doing phase in the garden.  Last weekend we divided and moved several clumps of daisies and black eyed susans.  Ornamental grasses will soon join them in a new flowerbed my husband dug me for mother’s day.  I’ll wait to share pictures until things fill in a bit.  A couple of the black eyed susan clumps are looking very sad and wilted but I keep telling myself they will eventually settle in and perk up.  I hope.

IMG_6555In the meantime, I’m enjoying looking out at my new tipsy pots in the back garden.  My daughter helped paint the pots, stack them and plant them.  We’re quite happy with the result and we’re looking forward to what they’ll look like once the plants get larger.

Now if I could just figure out what to do about the front yard…IMG_6554


  1. Good idea! Looks fabulous!


  2. Tnere ia always work to be done in the garden. I like your tipsy pots!

  3. What cute tipsy pots! Hey, I mowed my back yard today, and trimmed the spent rose blooms! Haven't done another thing in my yard; no new plants; nothing! I'm really behind everyone! ---"Love"


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