Friday, August 23, 2013

Table runner?

IMG_6674I did finish the gift table runner I posted a picture of last month.  I’m afraid it didn’t get mailed promptly as I tried to figure out how to take a good picture of it first for a pattern cover.  Oops!  It is now on its way however, and I did have fun tossing it over various things in the garden to take pictures.  Not one of those things was a table, but I assure you this piece is a table runner!




How do you like the back?  I was very proud to squeeze almost every bit of fabric out of my six fat quarters to make this runner.  The scraps left over from making the top and extra strip set from the piano key border went into the back without a lot of bother.  So besides the 6 fat quarters that I bought on sale, I only needed to add 3/4 yard of fabric from my stash for the background, the inner border and the binding.

I’m hoping to offer this pattern for sale in my Craftsy shop by this weekend.  I just have to wait for my trusty proofreader to get home from work.  Hubby is not a quilter but he is a superb proofreader.  He doesn’t just check spelling.  He notices things like reversed diagrams, and not being a quilter he just comes out and asks when something isn’t clear, because he really hasn’t got a clue to just guess at what I meant to say. Plus he never ever complains when I ask him to proof read something yet again.  What can I say, I got lucky!


  1. Very pretty, blue and brown go together so well! Love the pictures, too, really nice display of the table runner.

  2. The table runner is truly beautiful, and I love the colors! You always do such precise work! ---"Love"

  3. Love it! You did good on this.

  4. It loos terrific - love the colours and the use of all the fabric in the backing. It looks good hung over the gate.


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