Monday, August 26, 2013

Totally scrappy

Last week’s challenge to myself was to sew together 1200 little 1.5” scrap squares together without obsessing about colour placement.  It was hard work (you know I’m a matchy-matchy quilter) but I’m almost done.  They have been wrestled down into 120 strips of 10 patches without my giving in to the urge to lay 1200 squares out on the design wall first.  Seriously, I think the totally impracticality of that option is the only thing that held me back.

Without further ado, here’s the first block of 100 patches:


There are 11 more to go.  The plan is to frame them in a neutral colour and put them all together with some sort of pieced sashing, maybe a garden maze sashing.  I haven’t decided yet what colours I will work with for the sashing.  I’m waiting to finish the blocks and see if there are one or two colours that would tie them all together.

When all the blocks are done I think there will be at least one piece of fabric from every quilt I have made since I started my first quilt in 2000, plus a few bits from non-quilt projects.  The challenge will then be to remember which project each fabric represents!


  1. I like! Great idea! Don't give up! ---"Love"

  2. You've been very brave. I understand how hard it is to be random. Your block looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished top.

  3. Love it! Great job working outside of your box and just sewing them together. They look great.


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