Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Adding white frames to all the 100-patch blocks, paper piecing 20 cornerstones and assembling 31 striped sashing units kept me busy the last couple of days.


Today I finally saw it all come together.  It looks better in person.  In the photo the red sashing overpowers the yellow sashing and seems to bulge out.  In person the two are better balanced.  I guess it’s a scale issue.


Maybe a closer view would show the balance more.


I still need to add borders.  There will be a 1” white border all around to float the center, followed by a medium width red border, then a pieced red and white border (like the sashing, but all white on a red background and a little wider) then a thin red border to finish it all off.  The quilt will measure about 59” x 73”.

Tonight will be either paper piecing X units or striped units for the pieced border, depending on how tired I am.  Right now I could go either way.  I’m excited to see this come together though so I might make a push to get more than less done.


  1. The white sashings set all the colors off perfectly, and I love the almost-trellis-like addition of the yellow and red! I'm guessing you'll make the push and be finished with the entire quilt soon. It is so cheerful! ---"Love"

  2. Ohhhh! I love it. Seeing those strips in your last post had me wondering, but it's perfect. And the closer up photo does make a difference with the contrast. (Isn't it interesting how that works?)

  3. So creative! I just love how you are finishing this quilt off.

  4. Wonderful sashing idea!! It sets off the blocks just right.

  5. Just stumbled upon your Scattered Leaves pattern on Craftsy. Love your work!


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