Friday, September 13, 2013

That explains it

When I cut the fabric for my hundred-patch quilt’s sashing and borders, I was just able to squeeze enough pieces out of the white yardage I bought.  I was puzzled. I had exactly 1/4 inch of fabric left over.  I had double checked my fabric requirement calculations and added 1/8 yard of fudge room when I bought the fabric.  How could I have come so close to being short?

IMG_6732While I was sewing border units yesterday I looked up at my sketch of the quilt on the bulletin board above my sewing machine and it struck me that there didn’t seem to be as many seams in that pieced border as I had sewn so far.  Hmmm.

I flipped back through my planning book.  Apparently, between the time I figured out the yardage for each fabric, a task that sprawled over several well-scribbled pages, and the time I collected all the cutting instructions into one tidy table, the number 16 became 32. Twice. Instead of 32 long white strips I cut 64.  Since I cut the strips first, I’m lucky I squeezed out enough fabric for the pieces for the cornerstones!

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  1. Close call, indeed! Oh well, you'll have "32 long white strips" for another project someday. *big grin* ---"Love"


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