Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The “quilt from nothing”?

My hundred-patch quilt top is finished!  The photos aren’t great because there isn’t anyone else home right now to draft as a quilt rack. I tried using the deck railing but the wind kept blowing the quilt to the ground.  Since I lack patience and want to share right now I settled for a patch of floor with so-so lighting but I managed to take pictures.


The top measures 59” x 73”, a generous throw size.  The 1200  1” finished scrap squares are fabrics from most if not all of the quilts I have made since I started quilting 13 years ago.  These were a by-product of my mad cutting down of scraps in the past year. I cut scraps into squares and rectangles and strips, but then took the scraps from that and cut smaller ones.  I think I’ll name the quilt “Quilter’s Scrapbook” since it’s a reminder of all those previous projects.





At one point I looked at those 1 1/2” squares and wondered what I was thinking, keeping such small bits.  I almost threw them out but then I saw a 144-patch quilt with wide sashing somewhere online and thought I could do that.  A little later I saw a sampler quilt set with a Garden Maze sashing (again, I don’t know where!) and thought that would dress up the scrap quilt a bit.  I played around with different widths and kept sewing together little squares and felt quite smug about making a quilt from ”nothing”.  By the time I had 12 blocks assembled I had decided to dress up the border too.

Now that it is together, I can no longer feel quite as smug about the “quilt from nothing”.  I may have started out to make a quilt with found bits, but I definitely needed some new yardage for all the sashing and borders!


  1. Your quilt is amazing! I love the specialty borders you put on. It is quite a quilt from 'nothing'!

  2. It is stunning! The sashing and borders really dresses up the 100 patch blocks. Love it!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! I can't imagine handling so many tiny pieces, but I see a very important lesson there: Patience! The sashings and borders are the perfect finish! You did yourself proud! ---"Love"

  4. Love how it turned out! Isn't it fun to turn all those little scraps into a quilt? Been really into scrap quilts lately.


  5. Wow, this is amazing!! I love how you have pulled it all in with the sashings and borders. How satisfying to use every last (almost) scrap like this... and buying more yardage for the finishing means more scraps for the next one :-)

  6. It's beautiful! Now you have to start a new collection because in 13 years, you'll have to make another!

  7. Wow! Definitely worth the effort with all those teeny weeny pieces. I love the borders! Was that difficult to do? Just goes to show you what can be made with a whole lot of *nothing*.


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