Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Colour shuffle

When I assemble quilt blocks I am usually very methodical, sewing all the similar units of one colour set first, then moving on to the next colour set, then the next kind of unit, and so on.  That just wasn’t working for me today.

IMG_7740Yesterday I finished cutting all the pieces for the center of my kaleidoscope quilt and last night I started adding the square corners to all the red pieces.  Today I started doing the same to the yellow pieces and I have to tell you the stack of yellow pieced just did not seem to get smaller. Looking at the stacks of remaining colours I just felt discouraged and unmotivated.


That just wouldn’t do, so I decided to abandon the one-colour-at-a-time method, shuffle more colours in to the mix and start putting things up on the wall so I could see something taking shape.  My enthusiasm is back!

Here is where things stand tonight.


This is mostly half-blocks at the moment.  The only complete block is the one where the red and yellow triangles meet.  All the blocks in the center will have just 2 colours in the black background, so I am assembling half blocks of each colour and I’ll pair the appropriate halves together later.



  1. I love that pattern! Yours is going to be another striking quilt! ---"Love"

  2. WOW! This is going to be one amazing quilt!! I can't wait to see more!

  3. I can see why laying that out motivated you. It looks terrific!

    It also looks like there are an insane number of pieces.

  4. So pretty! I love how the bright colors just stand out from the black. Home with one kid with a little temp. Maybe I can get mine cut out today while she watches some tv.

  5. I'm very methodical like you and need to remind myself to do what you did - it's okay to do things out of order - so I don't burn out on projects! It's so beautiful and going to be such an amazing quilt when it's done. I'm glad to see you chose to do this quilt because I know at one point you were questioning doing it for all the pieces you'd have to cut.

  6. Oh that is going to be really striking-can't wait to see it done! I totally get what you were saying that you had to mix up the piecing a bit to get some encouragement-me too! But sometimes I do like you usually do-depends on my mood I guess, LOL


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