Tuesday, February 18, 2014

half-blocks on the wall

Once I had a few pieces of the kaleidoscope quilt up on the wall for inspiration I was able to revert back to methodical sewing.  Over the last three days I pieced all the half blocks, one colour stack at a time.  Sticking with the methodical approach would mean taking pairs of half blocks and sewing them into full blocks according to the colour charts in my design notebook before putting anything up on the wall again.

Where’s the fun in that?  Here they all are up on the wall.


The next step is to sew pairs of units from the center into whole blocks.  Once that is done I will have to figure out exactly to finish the edge blocks.  I know the missing parts will be black with grey corners.  That will give the illusion of a pieced border of detached grey triangles all around the quilt.  I just need to decide what is the most efficient way to add those bits.  I have a couple of ideas.

Now I think I might take a short break from this project and go sew the sashing to my Vintage Sparkle quilt.

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  1. Wonderful colors and it looks confusing to me! It will make a great quilt for your son.

  2. very pretty, I have to go one block at a time or I get lost. Love this pattern

  3. This is so beautiful! The colors you chose are great! Definitely a lot of WOW factor with this quilt!!

  4. Gorgeous colours but I'd get lost, it needs to be simple piecing for me :)

    Peg x

  5. Wow - great project! Your design wall looks fantastic.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your patterns and your choice of colors! So refreshing every time! ---"Love"

  7. This is such a fun pattern. I love the way I can see different shapes every time I look at it. It will be stunning.


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