Monday, March 24, 2014


Focus, or rather lack thereof, is a problem for me this week.  I have too many quilty things I want to get done so I am making just about no progress on any of them.  Some are old projects, some are new, some are not started but definitely swimming around in my head with the rest, some are sewing, some are blogging, some are pattern writing…

In no particular order, here’s a peek at the competing projects, some of which you have seen before.


1. Seeing Stars needs:

  • a backing
  • basting
  • machine quilting (no clue what to quilt here!)



IMG_77892. Vintage Sparkle needs:

  • a pieced border to continue the sashing stars into the border
  • a plain border to frame everything
  • prairie points
  • a backing and basting
  • hand quilting



3. As yet unnamed Christmas quilt

This one just jumped up on my wall with a mind of its own last week.  It’s the same layout as Sparkling Strings so I can test cutting directions for a possible pattern. It needs:

  • cutting setting strips
  • piecing
  • basting and machine quilting


IMG_78614. Baby quilt for hubby’s co-worker needs

  • cutting
  • piecing
  • backing and basting
  • quilting

(but I do have a plan and the fabrics are pulled!)


Top complete 2014-03-185. Kaleidoscope quilt needs:

  • basting (I don’t have clear space to manage it right now, but soon I hope!  The backing is pieced and waiting)
  • hand quilting




6.  Two table runners

These are way down on the priority list but I have the pattern designed and the fabrics selected! One for summer and one for fall…maybe summer and fall 2015 at this rate!


7. A few non-sewing but quilting-related projects competing for attention:

  • stash maintenance chores (but that’s a whole post’s worth all on its own!)
  • I’m thinking about a new page for the blog: how about quilt math reference tables?
  • 3 or 4 patterns I could write, if I can wrestle required diagrams into submission

8.  Sleep

I’ve gotten tired just thinking about all these, so I’m off to bed.  Maybe after a good night’s sleep I’ll be able to prioritize things and make some progress on something!


  1. Wow! I thought my project backlog was getting big - but it's nowhere close to yours!

  2. That is quite a list, but that is a good thing. Such a great list will help you to prioritize, then check off as you complete projects. Hope you slept well and can start to tackle some of the items on your list!

  3. At least you know what needs to be done on each of your projects. Now you can set priorities, make your plan, and then work it! (I should take my own advice!) Much like you, I think sleep should be No. 1. ---"Love"

  4. That list is far too short for a "true" quilter! But it's good you're organized. I have that list in my head. It's not very organized there. Maybe I'll let your post and organization inspire me? (More likely it will inspire me to start another quilt!)

  5. I have all my WIP and my UFOs listed and where they are in progress. I have a bit of a focus problem myself. I always think I should just work to finish one thing at a time, but I never end updoing that. Those darn quilts all want attention. ;) All of yours are beautiful.


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