Astronomical Quilts! block

Have you seen the YouTube video of astronaut Karen Nyberg aboard the International Space Station describing the process of sewing a quilt block in space?  Together with the International Quilt Festival she has invited quilters worldwide to contribute star-themed quilt blocks finishing at 9”  to join with hers in a quilt to be displayed at International Quilt Festival 2014.  Go here for more information. I know Marsha blogged about this and shared her block.

With an astronomer husband how could I not participate?  Here’s my contribution, designed by me.


The center leaf block measures 3” so each patch in it is 1” finished.  I’m not used to piecing that small.  I also ended up paper piecing the 2” square sections for the corner points and complaining about that too.  When I voiced my displeasure with the fussiness of the piecing the astronomer suggested I should take it up with the designer.  Yes, well, the designer part of me likes the design so the piecer part of me just had to carry on!

I really do like the design and I think I might have to make it again in a larger, less fussy size and figure out a way to avoid the paper piecing.

So, will you be making a block to send?


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful block! It is so bright, I bet it will really show up in the quilt, too. You did great!

  2. Great block!! I can imagine more of them would look really good together. I did see the video and thought I could make a block - but then promptly forgot all about it!

  3. That block is gorgeous! You need to enter it into the 100 block magazine when it comes out next. I won't be entering one - I'm too busy packing to move to Oregon. Not sure if I told you yet or not. I'm not posting about the move on my blog until its a done deal.

  4. Your block is very sharp and I love the identity leaf in the centre. And I agree that it would make a lovely patriotic quilt or maybe a quilt of valour.

  5. I'd have to side with the designer, too. That is an awesome block.

  6. I love your block! Great design! Love the colours and fabric choice and placement. I'm a Canuck too! Found you through a link of a link of a link...y'know, through Marelize's Anything Goes Mondays link-up. My email is and my blog is:

  7. Beautiful block! I'll bet that was an interesting discussion between the designer and piecer! Love the maple leaf in the center =).

  8. Maybe my computer is sicker than I realized; I thought I had commented already, but maybe not. I love that star, and the red fabrics are exciting --- a real eye-catcher! ---"Love"

  9. I usually don't like leaf block but that one, red on red, is so discrete, and in the same time add much to the design. Congrats for your patience, it payed off.

  10. What a great block! We are big fans of the CSA in our house. I have spent HOURS online watching Cmdr. Hadfield videos with our space-obsessed five year old. We are headed to Houston next month to see the finished quilt. I'll make sure to look for your block!


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