Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall sewing

IMG_8834You might have noticed I have been obsessed with snowflakes recently.  In the last couple of weeks the trees here have been putting on their gorgeous fall colours and tugged me back into the proper season. I’m dreaming in rich oranges, browns, and golds now.

I just love that orange print.  I don’t usually buy fabric just to have it.  I usually need to have a particular use for it, which I did when I bought it, but I could be persuaded to go get more of this one “just because”.

I have a fall themed throw quilt all planned out but I wanted a quick finish first. Six fat quarters plus a half yard for background and inner border yielded a runner and a coordinated pieced backing.  The camera washed out the colours a little bit, but you get the idea.

Stretch runner in fall colours

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you probably recognize this runner.  It’s from my pattern Stretch, available here.  (If you have the pattern, please note I just updated it to clear up confusion.  As I followed my own pattern this week I realized that back in August, when I revamped the format, I apparently I couldn’t count and said to cut 13 squares instead of the required 11.)

Now I need to sandwich and quilt this so I can enjoy it on my table before fall turns into winter.  I did head to the store for fusible fleece to use as batting (I like to use this instead of batting in runners and placemats) and came home with fabric for a bag for my daughter, completely forgetting the fleece.  I’ll have to try again, and try to remember to get enough for these two as well, as birthdays and winter are both right around the corner and I’ll be wanting these two runners then:

snowflake runner top
birthday runner


  1. Lovely little finish. Congrats! Too bad for the batting. Glad to know I am not the only one who has short attention when shopping. Okay, okay, I have short attention all the time lol.

  2. I love your fall runner. In fact, I love all three. Because I really enjoy seasonal decorations. :)

  3. Snowflakes! That's a pretty runner. And I always like your brights. I look forward to seeing these all done.

  4. I really like the fall runner, well, I really like them all! I am just starting to work on a fall themed quilt as a wedding gift for my daughter. I love oranges, golds and browns together. I always love to see what you are working on!

  5. Those colors are yummy! I need to get back to the snowstorm. . . Quilting has taken top priority this week but I hope to have my set of three flakes knocked out by the end of the day today. . . how ambitious huh? LOL

  6. Great table runners! Table runners are such fun! Fast to make and brighten tables and the rooms. I love to have different table runners to change out and I do have a fall one since last year.

  7. I can't decide which one I like best; I love them all three! Oh, where is my time going? I'm already beginning to suffer from quilting withdrawal! Seems like I should be able to find time for at least a table runner, maybe??? ---"Love"


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