Monday, October 6, 2014

Snowalong Week 2!

Judging by the number of Snowflake 1 pattern downloads there have been this week, there should be more than a few fabric snowflakes floating around.  I’m excited to see which versions of the snowflake other quilters have made, and what fabrics you chose to set them off, and whether any of your blocks have been incorporated into projects yet! Be sure to link up your snowflake post at the bottom of this post if you have a blog, or share your pictures on the Facebook  Snowalong Sew-along group.  Be sure to go see and kindly comment on what others have created too!

Here’s mine

If you checked out my freezer paper piecing tutorial last Tuesday you already saw my block for the week.  It’s version 2 of Snowflake 1.


I had planned to make at least one more, but my sewing machine got sick.  It really shouldn’t race then keep sewing all by itself.  The feed dogs shouldn’t stay still while it does that, either.  Sigh. As you have probably figured out, the machine is now at the sewing machine hospital.

A snowflake project idea

Before things went awry, I did manage to make a small project with a snowflake I had made earlier.  (This particular snowflake will be the week 5 pattern.)

Snowflake log cabin style pillow

I’m pleased with how it turned out.  If you’d like a pattern, pop back in on Tuesday.  I’ll share a short tutorial on assembling the top.  I made it into a pillow, but it would make a cute little wall quilt too, or a table topper.  You could even treat it as a single block in a larger quilt.  If you need help figuring out how to turn it into a pillow like I did, come back again on Wednesday for those instructions.

The next free pattern

Snowflake 2

If you’re ready to tackle Snowflake 2, or just now stumbled onto our Snowalong and want to catch up with last week’s Snowflake 1, both patterns are both still free this week.  If you’re new to the Snowalong you can go to last week’s post for information on how it works.

******Update June 23, 2019:  Snowflake two is now available for purchase as part of Snowflakes Sampler Set 1 in my Etsy shop. ******

Please note: There has apparently been confusion about measurements listed in the cutting guidelines.  Everything is in inches.  1.375" = 1 3/8".  If you guessed 13/4" instead, don't worry. Paper piecing doesn't require precisely cut pieces, just pieces cut "big enough" to cover the intended patch plus 1/4" all around.  3/4 is bigger than 3/8, so you're still OK, it will definitely cover what needs to be covered. 

Now link up!

For those of you new to blogging and/or linky parties, a linky party is a list of links to posts on other blogs, often with a theme.  Anyone reading this blog can click on any of those links to be taken to those posts.  Our theme, of course, is snowflake blocks.

If you have a blog, write a post about your week’s snowflake sewing then come here and click on “click here to enter” at the bottom of this post. Follow the directions to add your post to the list of links.  Just be sure to link to the particular blog post, not to your blog in general.

For example, if I entered “”, the link would take you to my blog’s home page, where my most recent post is.

The more specific “” will take you directly to last week’s “Snowalong Week 1!” post.

To find the correct URL for your specific post, just click on the title of your post.  You’ll be taken to a page with only that one post on it, and the text showing in the navigation bar will be the URL for that post.

I’d appreciate a link back to this page in your blog post so that your readers can easily find the list of other bloggers sharing their efforts.  Another option is to add the Snowalong blog button to your sidebar.  You can grab the code for that on the Snowalong page.

Finally, remember it’s a linky party.  Please try to visit a few other blogs on the list, be sociable, mingle, leave a kind comment or two!

Let the snowstorm begin!


  1. Oh, I wish I had time to be making these right now. They are so pretty! But alas, I am just having to save the files for future use. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. I just downloaded both patterns - thank you! I hope to start working on this project soon...

  3. I hope to sneak into the sewing room soon ..... one kid home with me today. Should post later or tomorrow to link up.

  4. Life and slow sew mojo has been blustering at my house. Today I am 'babysitting' a plumber all day - and planning a snow storm of sewing! Fingers are crossed that I have something to link sooooooon! ;)

  5. I have downloaded them, but I need to practice paper piecing on some simpler things first I am guessing. I've never done paper piecing :) These awesome snowflakes have motivated me to learn it.


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