Monday, October 13, 2014

Snowalong Week 3!

My sewing machine was in the shop all last week, and refused to misbehave there, so we still don't know why it had fits of temper.  It is now home again and behaving for the time being, so I hope to catch up with my snowflake plans.  I really had hoped to have enough red and white snowflake blocks by now to make a Christmassy runner.  I know it's only mid-October and there's still plenty of time.  I was just planning ahead!

I did manage to make a sample of this week's block, Snowflake 3.

I came up with 3 versions for this one, again all by changing color placement.  I really need to make version 2...but 3 looks tempting too.  There just are not enough hours in a day!

You can go here to download the pattern (free for the next 2 weeks).  Patterns for Snowflakes 1 and 2 are still available there as well, with Snowflake 2 still available for free till next week.  See the Snowalong Week 1 post if you need details about how to access the patterns.

Update 23 June 2019:  Snowflake 3 is now available for purchase as part of 


All 4 versions of snowflake 1

All 4 versions of snowflake 2

Here are my blue snowflake blocks so far, Snowflakes 1, 2 and 3, version 1 for all of them.


Now it's your turn to share.   It's a busy time of year, and not quite winter yet, so there may not be a snowstorm (I was definitely off with last week's forecast!) but please do share any flurries occurring in your sewing room.  You can share on the Facebook Snowalong Sew-Along group anytime, or if you have a blog, write a post and link up below.  I'll leave the linky open all week.  If you are linking up, please make sure the link is to the specific post about your snowflake so that we can find it easily.


  1. Hi Joanne, I really love these snowflakes...thank you for them... not sure when I will get to sew them up though, especially as our weather is warming up so nicely!!

  2. It's official, I'm hooked ;) LOVE making these!! And I will have a quilt!!! :) Thank you so much for these patterns, they are awesome! I can't imagine the time and energy that went into making them! A thousand times, thank you!! :)

  3. Looking great and very tempting!

  4. Ack - I had been hoping to get to these before Halloween... but my machine just broke! I can't wait until I can start working on these!

  5. Joanne, you are brilliant and these are so beautiful! I too hope to make them someday!

  6. Again, you amaze me! The precision for those snowflakes is more than I can fathom. I do enjoy seeing each one; wish I had the courage and time to try them! ---"Love"


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