Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas runner

I have two healthy teens who take care of the shoveling, so I’d welcome a decent layer of white stuff outside for Christmas.  However, according to the current weather forecast these snowflakes are the only one we’ll have for Christmas this year.


We had a small party last night and I really wanted this on the table so I bound it by machine to get it done in time.  I sew the binding to the front, then fold it around to the back, pin it in place, and stitch in the ditch beside the binding on the front.  It looks very much like hand binding on the front.

finished 2014-12-19

I had planned for a while to share a tutorial on how to do this, but look at the link someone posted on a discussion on a Facebook quilting group:  This is pretty much how I do it (I don’t have a “quilt in the ditch” foot but it is now on my wish list!) so I’ll just link to it and go bake Christmas cookies instead of writing it all up myself!


  1. I love your runner! Actually, I love all your runners. It would be hard for me to decide if I liked the blue or red with the snowflakes more.

  2. The snowflakes are very striking with the red background. That is a very pretty runner!
    I really need to try out this binding method. Looks so good!

  3. Wow! Very festive runner Joanne. Love it. Have a merry good time with your family.

  4. That's a perfect Christmas table runner. And isn't it nice to have kids big enough to take care of some of those time consuming chores. Enjoy it while you can! Our DGS just came home from college in MN and he enjoyed the snow they had there. Just rain here - and lots of it!

  5. Love the snowflakes on red too! And on blue...and on green...and on okay, anything! These are such great patterns Joanne! You did a terrific job on the machine binding...I still don't get it as neat on the back as I'd like...but it is definitely a faster finish!

  6. Joanne, this table runner is a gorgeous one too, just like your first one was! The snowflakes are so pretty!
    Yes, LOL, baking Christmas cookies definitely takes precedence, especially with two healthy teens in the house!

  7. I really need to figure out a way to remember to go find your blog, I miss seeing what you are up to. The snowflakes are beautiful. Hope your holiday was good, and that 2015 brings only good things.

  8. Such pretty snowflakes! Love the fast finish of a machine binding. Nice job and a lovely runner!


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