Sunday, December 7, 2014

Last UFO?

Brace yourself….I am working on my last UFO!  Will I actually make it to zero UFOs? To be clear, in this house, once it’s a finished quilt top it moves off the UFO list, even if it takes a while to get quilted!

IMG_8947You might remember my musings back in February about what to do for borders on Vintage Sparkle. At that time I decided to let it sit awhile while I considered my options.  Sometime last spring I got as far as piecing these half stars for a pieced border for plan C.

This is currently my only UFO so a couple of weeks ago I pulled it out of its box, determined to piece those borders.  Uh oh.  I didn’t like it anymore.  At all.  I just stared at it, completely uninspired. 

My kids and hubby just rolled their eyes at me and told me to leave it out for a few days and let it grow on me again.  This was very wise of them.  (It’s almost as though they know me well!) It did grow on me again after I decided to drop Plan C and go back to Plan A.  I still think Plan C would have been a great plan if I had thought of it first and planned the setting accordingly.  As it was, adding the half star pieces to the half stars in the sashing looked tacked on.  It just wasn’t looking good. Thankfully I figured this out before I cut up all my border fabric for Plan C, so I had enough to cut the wider borders I needed for Plan A. 

After Plan A came out on top again, I proceeded to take a whole week to add on 8 border strips, a few at a time.  That’s me.  I really dislike measuring and pinning borders, and sewing those long seams.  If there hadn’t been the zero UFO carrot dangling, I might have procrastinated even longer!  However, that’s an awfully tempting carrot, so the last border finally made it onto the quilt tonight.

Vintage Sparkle flimsy

It’s not a great picture.  The ceiling is a little low in my quilting space so my two volunteer quilt holders couldn’t hold this queen sized quilt top up all the way off the floor. Still, you get the idea.

It is not quite off the UFO list.  It still needs scrappy prairie points all the way around.  The fabric squares for the points have been cut and waiting for a year, so I just need to fold, press and distribute them around the sides.  Stay tuned!


  1. YAY for no UFOs!! :D This is a beautiful top! I laughed when you said you had fallen out of love with it - not that that's ever happened to me before ;) I have actually fallen out of love with a lot of the quilts I have finished. . . it doesn't matter though - they are in their forever homes and I don't have to look at them LOL

  2. Wow - it looks really good! So glad you were able to get over the hump on this one.

  3. Swoon! I just love that quilt! I too am not a fan of measuring borders and sewing the long, long seams. But the quilts that demand borders always look so good afterwards, don't they? Like your Vintage Stars. ;-)

  4. It looks great. It must be a lot of ironing for all of those prairie points!

  5. Joanne, you will fall back in love fore sure, because this is such beautiful quilt top! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with prairie points.

  6. I love how it is looking. And your last UFO is super exciting.

  7. Wonderful! I ♥ it! Don't give up now, you're almost there!

  8. Wow! That looks great but I can't believe it is your last UFO! I am too afraid to count up all mine.

  9. I dislike borders too!
    Congrats on zero UFOs!!
    Wonder what that feels like???

  10. I can't relate to having only one UFO! Of course, at my house it's a UFO until it is quilted and bound. Sounds like a little cheating going on at your house. Hee Hee! It is a gorgeous quilt top, though!


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