Sunday, October 9, 2016

When the wrong side is the right side

On Friday, I dove into a new project and was sewing merrily along when I realized I had just sewn three pieces wrong side up.  Argh!  I thought not-nice things and grabbed my seam ripper.  Before I got to the ripping part, I was smiling again and doing a little happy dance.

Here's the fabric I chose for my new project.  I need a light, a medium and a dark grey.  I spent a lot of time looking for just the right ones.  The light and the dark were perfect, just what I had in mind.  The medium grey, not so much.  The texture was right but it was too close to the dark.  It was the best I could find, so I settled for it.

Light, medium and dark, all right side up

 Just before I unpicked that offending unit with the grey sewn in wrong side up, my brain registered the color of the wrong side.  I looked more carefully and did a happy dance.  The wrong side is just what I was looking for and couldn't find!

Here, the medium fabric is "wrong side" up

I did rip some seams, but not the ones I had planned.  I ripped the ones that had been sewn "correctly" according to the original plan and sewed them up again "wrong". The big challenge now is to remember that the "wrong" side of this medium gray is actually the "right" side in this project.  I have had to rip at least once when I forgot, but things are shaping up.


  1. I like your fabric choices. It will be fun to see what you are whipping up!

  2. What a pleasant surprise! You made a wise decision! ---"Love"

  3. Serendipity!
    Is that medium grey a Grunge fabric?
    I like the block you have made. Is there more than one block design in the quilt?

  4. Sounds great! I have used the wrong six as the right side before as well.

  5. A lovely accident! Nice fabrics ♥

  6. You paid for both sides! :) Looks great.

  7. Isn't it terrific when that happens?!

  8. Great thinking and discovery - the 'new' grey is the perfect choice!

  9. You know that is SO cool! I remember getting totally comfortable with using the wrong sides of fabric back in my colourwash days, now not so much. Good reminder! This intrigues me; I love gradation of colour.


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