Monday, May 14, 2018

Fundy Skies version 2

 I'm on pins and needles.  I sent this off to the longarm quilter last week.

Fundy Skies quilt in progress, Canuck Quilter Designs

Fundy Skies quilt top in progress, Canuck Quilter Designs

I finished putting on the borders first, of course!  I just didn't get a picture of the full top before handing it off.

I'm on pins and needles because I don't like giving up control. Hand quilting this one is out.  I'm way too slow and I'm not even halfway done the quilting my daughter's twin size quilt yet! I also can't machine quilt this queen sized top on my domestic machine with the desk and space that I have without hurting my sholulder. I really don't want to go back to physical therapy again so I gave in.   Liz of A Quilted Memory in Nevada, IA is very good at listening to what kind of quilting I want, and she does a very nice job.  I'm sure it will be lovely when I get it back, but I will still be twitchy until I actually see it!

Next up...something with these Artisan Spirit Shimmer fabrcis by Northcott:


  1. I understand completely, but yes, save your shoulder! I'm sure it will be wonderful when you get it back - if you're like me, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised, even. And I'm giggling a little seeing the coffee table upended there on the couch to make room to get a photo - a little slice of real life snuck in there! And what will those beautiful new fabrics be? I'll be watching!

  2. I'd hate giving over my quilt, too! I'm sure it will be lovely. Those new fabrics are so pretty.

  3. That is a gorgeous quilt! I can see why you would be a little antsy shipping it away to someone else to quilt, but I'm sure you will be pleased with the quilting when you get it back. Those new fabrics are really pretty too! ---"Love"

  4. It will be exciting to have it back in your hands.

  5. Beautiful quilt. Not fond of stars but do love this one.

  6. It's a beauty! Can't wait to see it all finished so you can stop twitching :)

  7. I love stars, and this quilt shimmers with them! Beautiful job! Wonderful color play.
    My shoulder is almost ready to attempt quilting again, after surgery in March. I avoided it as long as I could, but after 3 years of trouble, and 10 months of physical therapy, I finally had to face the music (or the surgery).

  8. Lovely quilt - and I love the way you've done the stars in the sashing too. It sounds like you won't sleep well until it's back in your hands!


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