Friday, May 18, 2018


Let me begin by saying that my camera just is not capturing the richness of these colors.  I took closeup pictures hoping that would help, but it doesn't.  It just won't capture the texture and gold flecks of these Artisan Spirit Shimmer fabrics.

I don't play with precuts very often.. I never know what to do with the pinked edges.  Should I cut them off?  Measure from the outside edges, or the middle or the inside of the pinked edges?  There is also the possibility that the precut piece isn't exactly the nominal size on the package.  I've had 2 1/2" strips that were a little narrow, and some a little wide.  This isn't a problem for something like Jelly Roll Race quilts, but if the pattern needs exact cut sizes, that can cause trouble. In this case, the packages of 10" squares came home anyway because it was just too pretty to stay on a store shelf. 

An idea for a scrap quilt had been simmering for a while and it occurred to me that I might be able to make it from precut 10" squares instead to use up the pretties that came home. Technically, I should have been able to cut four 2 1/2" x 10" strips from each square, but the square wasn't quite square so I had to settle for fewer cuts per square.    This leads me to a question for users of precuts and patterns:  would you rather have the cutting instructions assume the theoretical maximum possible cuts, or less efficient cuts that result in  leftovers but won't cause problems if the precut pieces are not quite the size they should be?  Please chime in with a comment!

Next on the list for this project:
  • Find a better name
  • Settle on a design to use up all the bonus HST generated in making the quilt top
  • Quilt and bind 
So maybe a late summer finish?  That may seem sluggish, but the garden is calling, finally, after a long winter!


  1. This is a very pleasing, graphic design! I'll bet it is even more lovely with those gorgeous fabrics in real life.
    The pattern immediately made me think of parquet flooring, so I would suggest the name Parquet.
    Personally I would rather have leftover fabric, than not have enough to complete the quilt. That is very frustrating to me.
    I had been told once that you measure precuts from the outer edge of the pinking, but as you experienced, precuts don't always seem to be the perfect dimension they claim.
    So many ways to use those bonus HST. One of my favorite things to use up in mini quilts. :)
    I hear the garden, as well. Put the annual flowers in yesterday, but still have the vegetable garden to plant, and the rose bed and raspberry patch to tend to before it gets too hot out there for more than a quick wedding and watering.

  2. Love the colors. I had a set of these fabrics in blue, and you're right - it's hard to capture the depth to these fabrics. The design is really pretty - the first thing it brought to mind is middle east latticework (which I googled and is called Mashrabiya). :-)

  3. What a beautiful quilt! Seeing the whole quilt, the colors look summery, but seeing just the fabrics, the colors look more like fall. I have no good ideas for names (I rarely do!), but I definitely would rather a pattern leave room for error than have just enough! But I'm currently working on "Swoon" and that one uses fat quarters to the end. The pattern clearly states "cut carefully" and has the cutting diagram drawn out so you see just how tight it is, so that's okay, too. Good luck with the bonus pieces - that's always a fun challenge and I'm sure you'll make something fantastic!

  4. Pretty quilt! Bonus HST's can be fun to play with, enjoy and have a little fun.

  5. Even though it's a bit wasteful to have leftovers, I think I'd prefer that over ending up with not enough fabric to finish the pattern.

    Better yet: a step in the pattern to square pieces up to a slightly smaller size so that there's always a little waste, but all units are usable. Not always possible, but nice when it happens!

  6. Is this a pattern you are writing? I love the shimmer of these fabrics, I have a charm pack of the brown beiges and can't decide what to do with them, haha.

  7. What a lovely and unique quilt! I also like your choice of fabrics.
    One of my favorite parts of quilting is cutting the fabrics (the other is binding) so I'm not really a fan of precuts either. They cost more than by-the-yard and why should I pay someone to do that cutting I enjoy so much? Never the less, I do have a few that I couldn't resist (less than 5, I'd guess) I collected a couple packages of 2 in strips of batiks for a project, but I can't remember what it was now :( And I have another that has a lovely collection of florals that I don't ave plans for, I just look at them, something will come to me.

  8. Ok, I'm nuts but the quilt reminds me of peach sherbet.... I know - crazy but that was my first impression! Pretty quilt. I hate it when a pre cut is wrong... because I always assume it is correct for some reason. I should know better. I have some too small blocks with my hearts using pinking edged 10 inch squares. Love having extra fabric... you know, cause I love scrappy quilts and the more extra fabric the better. Good luck with a name.

  9. Hi Joanne, that's a great pattern. I don't do pre-cuts much except for batik 5 inch squares. I just love them for a quick throw that doesn't involve cutting. As long as they're all the same size, I don't care. I just have to remember to pick up three of them, otherwise I have to cut fabric from my stash :-)

  10. I love this quilt! Did you ever make a pattern for it? I don’t see it in your Etsy shop. Thank you. Karen

    1. Thank you! It isn't a pattern yet. It's on my "maybe" list for next year.


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