Friday, August 17, 2018

Hand Quilting Supervisor

Here's what a hand quilting session looks like at my house.

Sometimes Rosie takes a closer look.

Spreading out the quilt to assess progress also involves paws-on and full-body testing.

Despite all that assistance, I still have not finished quilting Laura's Chic Country. I had resolved in January to sit and quilt every night and planned to have this finished by summer. Chuckle.  I know better than to make that sort of prediction! The best-laid plans were interrupted, but I have continued to make slow progress, even if not every night.

Quilting progress January 2018
Quilting progress August 2018

I recently passed the halfway mark.  I am tempted to name a new target date, but that might be tempting fate.  I'll just keep plugging away when the mood is right and it will be done when it is done.


  1. Just keep quilting, just keep quilting! (Quilters need their own Dory!) And Rosie looks much more helpful than ANY of my cats when they decide it's time...they need to inspect while laying in the middle of the exact section I'm trying to sew. With at least a tail or face between me and it. Ah, life with pets...wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. Rosie is the perfect supervisor! She is so cute. Progress is good not matter how fast or slow. It is looking good, keep up the good work!

  3. What great help you have! :)
    I have a hand quilting project in the frame that has been there at least 2 years. (This is me, blushing.) I think you have made amazing progress.

  4. Beautiful quilt! Your little dog is such a great quilty companion :)

  5. I love that shot of your quilt with Rosie on it! I love the quilting too ;-) wonderful definition. Our fur kids add a certain something to our quilting lives don't they?

  6. LOVE your hand quilting photos with your sweet supervisor!
    Enjoy your slow stitching!

  7. So sweet! Pleased to see a hand quilting project in the works, and such a pretty one, too!

  8. Rosie takes her supervising quite seriously it seems.


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