Sunday, August 26, 2018

Magnitudes' debut!

Drum roll please!!!!  Finally, here is my newest pattern!

I think we all know by now that I am not a speedy pattern writer. I announced I was working on this back in October 2017, and here it is finally in August 2018!  I really think the result is worth it though.

Like Jelly Bean Stars before it, Magnitudes is constructed in such a way that you don't need to fuss with cutting triangles, and so that you cannot unintentionally cut off any points.  Unlike Jelly Bean Stars, it includes multiple sizes:  baby, throw, twin and queen.  It also gives you alternate fabric amounts for the multicolour version above, or for similar backgrounds for all the stars as in the EQ drawing below.

I strive to be accurate, to anticipate questions as I explain and illustrate every step of the block and quilt assembly so the instructions are as complete as possible, and to organize the pattern in a way that makes it easy for quilters to keep track of what step they are working on.

Once my fabulous proofreader has gone over the pattern (my husband is a man of many talents!) I send it out to generous volunteer pattern testers who let me know if I got it right.  They give me feedback about clarity and accuracy, and sometimes suggest various improvements.  I think Magnitudes was a good pattern, but I know it is better after I added in a few details and tweaked a few others following my testers' suggestions.

I extend a huge thank you to Elaine Williamson, Joanne Harris, Kathi Kivi, Sue Howe and Julie Sheehy for testing this pattern and giving me valuable feedback.  I'll share photos of their quilts later this week.

The pattern is now available as a download on both Payhip and on Craftsy.  For special savings through Labour Day (Sept.3) shop on Payhip and use the coupon code ASTRO2018 for 25% off this brand new star quilt pattern!

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2019:  All my patterns have moved to my Etsy shop.


  1. Woo hoo!!!! (But the title has the pattern name spelled wrong g...ahem...proofreader...) Such a pretty, Katie, no squirrels...

    1. All fixed! Maybe hubby should proofread my posts too?

  2. Gorgeous! I love it in technicolor brights. Congrats! ;^)

  3. That is a a beautiful star quilt pattern! Both color arrangements are very pretty, but you would know I like the R/W/B best. I'm sure your instructions are accurate and very detailed! ---"Love"

  4. I like both color versions, this is another fantastic pattern! ! !

  5. Congrats! I like the coloured version best.

  6. It is a real beauty in both the brights and the patriotic-nice job.

  7. Beautiful, especially in the rainbow version.

  8. It's a neat pattern. I love how different it looks based on the selected fabric.

  9. Another awesome star pattern! Love it! Hope it sells sells sells!

  10. Your paterns always work so well across different color combinations. Tjose of us who need to follow patterns certainly appreciate accuracy and ease of reading.


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