Saturday, August 25, 2018

NASA Selfies and star forming regions

Tonight I am going to brag about my husband.  You may or may not know that he is an astronomer.  His particular research interest is star forming regions, and an image of such a region that was taken for his research has been selected as one of the top 30 images taken in the first 15 years of the Spitzer Space Telescope.

To mark 15 years since Spitzer's launch, NASA has loaded the top 30 images taken by the telescope into the NASA Selfies app.  You can download the app on your phone to take an astronaut selfie like Rosie's:

You can choose from 30 images for the background.  Rosie, being a loyal pooch, of course chose my husband's image!

I took a selfie as well, though I think Rosie's is more fun.

I'd also like to note that as knowledgeable as the hubby is about this region, I'm an expert on a much closer star forming region: my sewing room. Look at some what formed in that region:

Star Quilts by Joanne Kerton/Canuck Quilter Designs

Middle row: Forty-Eight, Lucky Bugger, Fundy Skies, Eclipse Sky, Sparkling Trail
Bottom row: Sparkling Thirties, Starfall (batiks), Starfall (Tula Pink), Vintage Sparkle, Fundy Skies.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow for the latest star pattern release! Magnitudes is ready to makes its debut!


  1. Totally proud of Mr.CanuckQuilter!
    Rosie and you look pretty darned cute in your space gear.
    Yup, I'll run and download that app ..... right to my flippasaurus (your daughter's word!). Guess not, eh? :)

    Yeaaaaaaaa for your release tomorrow.

  2. While the stars in your hubby's region are magnificent, your stars are beautiful too, and so much closer to home! Congrats to both of you for your achievements! ---"Love"

  3. Those are fun photos. I especially like Rosie. :-)

  4. Rosie makes a great astronaut! Congrats to your hubby! (Though I do somewhat prefer stars I can get my hands your patterns might win if I had to choose!)

  5. Whoa--you have a lot of awesome star quilts! Rosie looks adorable in outer space too!

  6. Wow! That's a really cool photo! Congrats to your DH :)

  7. What an honor, and what a fantastic husband you have!! Our youngest son wanted to be an astronomer but it just hasn't happened. Thanks so much for sharing this. Blessings to you and your family!

  8. Pretty amazing collection of star patterns Joanne! My favourite block. And that is also pretty amazing that your husband (a Canuck!) had an image of his in the top 30!! Love the Rosie selfie.

  9. This is so cool! Stars are so special in so many ways. Real stars and star pictures and quilts. Isn't it rather amazing? I will try to get the app and see if I can put myself into space. Your DH must be super smart!! Of course, drafting star quilts requires some smarts too.


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