As I was sorting through pictures on my phone I realized I never shared this project here on the blog.

Last spring was grey and gloomy and I needed more colour in my life to tide me over until the garden started blooming. There's plenty of colour in my scrap bins, and I spent several evenings sifting through those, petting the fabric and choosing small scraps, deciding whether I could really bear to use the last little bit of this or that favourite fabric.(You never know if there might be a better project for it right around the corner!)

This is not my whole scrap stash, of course!  These were just the ones I thought would play well in my project. Surprisingly, this selection hardly made a dent in the scrap stash.  Scraps reproduce inside those bins.  Someone needs to conduct some research into that phenomenon.

I even found scrap strips for the binding.

These placemats were a joy to sew.  They were colourful, quick to make, and gave me the satisfaction of making quick progress after working on slower, long term projects.

You can see I kept the quilting very simple.  Easy, quick, evenly spaced lines quilted with my walking foot add plenty of texture without distracting from the colorful scraps.

I love them, though the family is afraid of that white background.  No worries.  We just use different placemats when we serve spaghetti and sauce!


  1. It looks great. It's nice that people show us such work! Congratulations, good job

  2. What a pretty table setting and a fun pop of color. Yes, someone really needs to research on that scraps multiplying in the bins idea. It is getting out of hand!

  3. Fabulous way to add some fun bright colors on our midwest gray days!

  4. Those are so bright and cheerful -and definitely look like you! It's funny you say the family is afraid of the white because I hear my mom complain all the time that my dad "intentionally" spills food on the placemats she makes! While I'm sure it's not intentional, he sure has no worries about getting them dirty! And I am so glad to hear someone else worry about using the last bit of a favored scrap. I thought I was the only one, but am very glad to know, even if I'm crazy, I'm not the only one!

  5. Very cute! Especially with the matching table runner. I need to make myself some placemats for the new place! (although I'll avoid white - I'm always a messy eater!)

  6. These are very pretty. Just the thing for dull and dreary fall and winter days!

  7. I agree with you about those fabric bins. LOL
    Oh my goodness, I love these. Did you just do them without a pattern?

  8. These are so bright and happy! A perfect rainbow scrap project :)

  9. They are so happy and colorful, Joanne! Playing in those fabrics was a very good way to brighten a grey, gloomy spring. And now they can brighten any day!

  10. They are a delightful splash of colour. Good idea to have a different set for spaghetti!

  11. Oh, this is just the post I’ve needed! I’ve intended to whip up some new placemats all summer, and here it is, almost October, and I haven’t done it yet! These are not only beautiful, they are inspiring!

  12. Oh these are so pretty! And how lucky to have found binding all ready and matching. Do you have a pattern for this?
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net


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