Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Temp Quilt Tuesday 01/13/2020

When I am enthusiastic about a quilt design, I want to sew it up right now to see if it turns out as well as what I see in my mind's eye.  I thoroughly enjoyed designing my temperature quilt, picking out the colours, organizing and labeling the fabric and cutting into my Grunge fabrics to get started.  Here's where the quilt stands so far.

The strip is up to date up to yesterday's temperatures.  The end with the safety pin in January 1st. The high temperature for each day is on top, the low is on the bottom.  The wavy pattern means nothing.  I just looks pleasing to my eye. :)

This was fun to sew.  It was not fun to come to a screeching halt because I have to wait for daily data!  I had some excitement and momentum built up!

This will be an exercise in patience, but in a good way.  It will make me slow down and savour the process of sewing. I look forward to adding a new colors as the temperature drops and rises.  I get a kick out of the little outliers, like that nice warm yellow popping up on January 9th, when we enjoyed an unusually warm day for January (too bad I spent the mild part of the day inside at work!)

I have made a slight change to my color key.  When the fabric was cut down to 2" squares, it was hard to tell Turquoise and Sapphire apart, despite what the names suggest.  I think the purple "distressed" print on both may have been what caused the problem.  I removed the Sapphire, bumped Bright Sky and Royal up one temperature range each and added a different color (whose name and number I forgot to note) between Royal and Navy.  I think I'm all set now.

In an effort to stay motivated and caught up with this year-long project, I plan to post a progress picture every Tuesday.  If you are sewing a temperature quilt, using my free pattern or any other design, I'd love to follow your progress as well.  I'll see if I can sort out a linky party option for next time.  For now, lease leave a link to your temperature quilt post in the comments.

If you're on Instagram, use the hashtags #tempquilttuesday,  #temperaturequilt2020, or #CQDtempquilt and I will find you.  Also, @Twiddletails has been using #tempquilt2020 and #tempquiltalong for her temperature quilt quilt along. There is a lot of inspiration there, and she shares tips and where to get daily weather data on her blog.

Happy quilting and weather watching!

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  1. HI Joanne, I've had the urge to do a temperature quilt for the last few years but have never got myself organised enough to do it. I've had trouble sourcing my fabrics, then a block that's not too time consuming. I love this design and I love the grunge you're using - what a good idea. You must just have persuaded me to join in - using your design PLUS using the grunge. Thank you for the Inspiration :-)

  2. What a clever idea! I like the chart you have created to keep track of everything. If I made a temp quilt it would be half red and half orange!

  3. Yep this will test patience. Maybe you can set one day a week to sew and collect data the other days just to feel more productive when you do stitch the parts together. This will be a fun quilt, can't wait to see your progress!

  4. While I love the IDEA of a temperature quilt, and yours looks like it's going to be lovely, I don't have the commitment that it takes make one of my own. Enjoy!

  5. This will be a great project for the year - looking good so far!


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