Quilting mom vs sane mom

As I was working my way through green scraps, my daughter sauntered into my quilting corner asking if I had a runner she could use on her dresser.  Apparently, contact lens solution occasionally splatters onto the dresser when she opens the packaging and she would like something to protect the dresser surface.

What's a mom to do?

Sane mom:  Suggest that she could simply take 5 seconds to wipe up the splatter when it happens.

Quilting mom: Root through the scraps for leftovers from daughter's bed quilt and whip up a little matching, improv, quilt as you go runner.

What can I say?  It was an excuse to use up more scraps in my ongoing scrap mitigation project.


  1. Quilting mum wins this time. Sane mum has eyes on for the next round. Runner looks good.

  2. Good choice. It's funny how our kids do and don't appreciate our quilting! Right now, she would rather save the dresser (which is commendable) but later in life, she might wish she had saved the runner as well. I think it was really nice that she actually wanted on of your runners. That's sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think Quilting Mom's solution is much more fun.

  4. Great idea to use scraps from her bed quilt, so it matches! The quilter's brain is always ready to plan a way to use up fabric. I just wish my brain worked a little better in that regard!

  5. You crack me up! Bet she loves her runner!

  6. Oh Joanne, you need to practice some tough love. Quilty moms also have deadlines, you know :-) Easy for me to say, in my no-kid household :-) In any case I am sure it took you just a few minutes to whip up that runner. Did she throw her arms around your neck and say - "Mommy you are the best?" I am sure she was thinking it.

  7. Oh, the things we quilters do for those we love! :)

  8. Creative Mom for the win! Love that you got green and orange for Jan/Feb in the RSC with this little quilt. Great job.

  9. Looks good to me, and also something that a young girl would like. ---"Love"


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