Thinking outside the pattern

As you know if you have been reading along these last few weeks, my plans for this year include making a temperature quilt and reducing my stash of scraps.  Just look at what Amy, who blogs at A Quilting Sheep,  has done with my free temperature quilt pattern and scraps.

I had been wondering how to use up my small scraps, and a perfect design was sitting right there on my design wall as my tempearature quilt takes shape.  I can start a whole new quilt, skipping the temperature part for this one but using the block design and layout to use up scraps! The wheels in my head are turning...

Amy has written a great blog post with suggestions for using my free pattern for quilts other than a temperature quilt, and even shares her measurements for larger blocks.  I encourage you to hop over there for inspiration.  Thanks for reaching out to me, Amy, and for thinking outside the pattern!

I might have started a valentine project using my red scraps and Amy's creative nudge...


  1. Thank you for putting this pattern together...I attempted to log temperatures last year to make one of these...not having a pattern to follow it fell to the way side. I look forward to do this, this year thanks to you!

  2. Thank you to both Joanne and Amy for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing a great pattern! I have made 3 baby quilts using it! Adding hearts is a great idea!!

  4. Amy had some great inspiration with this. Thank you for sharing the pattern. It is really a fun one and a great way to use some scraps....temperature markings or not :-) Cool design work, Joanne!

  5. Thank you for the pattern. This is a stunning way to do temps, and I love what Amy has done too!

  6. That's a terrific looking quilt - a super scrap buster. Amy's version and her alternative ideas are great too. I think this pattern has many iterations limited only by your imagination.

  7. I like the design used that way. So much faster to finish and it is so pretty! The Valentine project looks fun, looking forward to seeing more!

  8. It is really pretty, and so different, but with my vertigo, I have to tell you it makes my head go crazy! I could never get one like that together. ---"Love"

  9. Thank you for the pattern. I have never heard of a temperature quilt but love the concept! I also like Amy's version. Such a versatile pattern!


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