Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Temp Quilt Tuesday

Though I had planned to share my Temperature Quilt progress every Tuesday, here we are three weeks since my last update.  Squirrels invaded my sewing room, and the temperature quilt was neglected for a little while. I think I'll revise my Temp quilt reporting plan to share just once a month, on the first Tuesday of the month.

The Red Scrap Squirrel was much more insistent that I expected.  It's related to the temperature quilt though.  It starts out with the same block and block layout.  I shared the top a couple of posts ago.  What became time consuming was the quilting.  I generally don't quilt things very densely but this squirrel really liked playing with my Westalee quilting rulers.

I tried freemotion swirls in the white space but it looked too busy so I stopped before it was too overwhelming to pick out.  Once I started straight lines, they turned into matchstick quilting.  I love the look, but it's a little wee bit time consuming!  The Sashlee ruler helped speed thing up a bit though, as it was really easy to line up at even intervals.

I quilted the borders with the 3" feather template and a circle where I wanted to switch feather orientation.  That didn't take too long to quilt, though I wish I had spent a little more time planning what to do in the corners.  One corner in particular has a weird gap in quilting.

I'm very pleased to report that this runner was made entirely from scraps.  Even the batting, backing and binding came from the scrap bin!  It's a small project, so it made a very small dent, but it's a dent, and a good reminder that I don't need to wait to have time to make a large quilt to use up some bits and pieces.

After finishing this on Sunday evening, I finally gave the temperature quilt some attention.  I'm now all caught up to February 2nd.

The two block below the row are the beginning of the February row.  I wonder how annoyed people would be if I wished for a few more colder days this month just so I could have a few more of those deeper blue pieces you can see in the middle of the January row? 


  1. I’m working on a temperature quilt in Iowa. I have a similar bright yellow block early in January and not too much blue. Love your block choice. Wish I’d thought of that. Martha in Iowa.

  2. Don't you dare wish for colder! (Actually, this week it isn't supposed to be all that warm here...after 51 on Monday.) I love the table runner and the quilting is perfect. And yay for scrap busting, no matter how small the amount.

  3. I'm loving the red with the hearts! I have or had several of the red prints in my stash at some time. I love the quilting, too. It makes a pretty Valentines runner. The temp quilt is looking good. Those deeper blues do look good in there and it is only February, so maybe a few more might sneak in before it really starts to warm up.

  4. I love your red table runner with the hearts! Your quilting is fantastic on it! As I mentioned in my comment on Katie's blog, I seem to buy lots of quilting gadgets that I never use. The basic set of Westalee rulers is another of those. I experimented just a bit with them, but nothing I'd show. Your table runner has really been an encouragement to me to try them before too long. ---"Love"

  5. It is so fun to use scraps up and make something so useful and adorable at the same time!

  6. That is such a cute heart table runner--and all from scraps! Congrats on that, and on the beautiful finish. The quilting looks perfect. Only you will stare at the gap on the one corner. :)
    A really fun temp quilt. How cold does it have to be to get those deeper blues in the mix?

  7. LOVE how you quilted that! It looks great.

  8. Love your squirrel! Your ruler work is looking great.

  9. Love your heart table runner and the quilting.

  10. Your quilting is stunning! When I did my temeprature quilt, I was wishing for more super cold days to add certain colors too, so I get it!

  11. I loved what Amy had done with your Temperature quilt pattern and now love how your runner has turned out! I smiled when you asked for a few more colder days for your temperature quilt - when we've had a particularly hot day lately, I tell myself it will look good on my quilt - which I haven't started yet btw, hoping to order the background fabric today when I go into work.

  12. I have a question about January 23-25 where you have two colors for the high temperature. Can you explain?

    1. Yes! I set up my temperature ranges centered around 0 degrees Celcius (freezing), and didn't think that through very well. I ended up with 0 degrees in two of my ranges, so I just used both colors for the square anytime the temperature was exactly 0.


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