Friday, September 11, 2020

Hanging on to summer

After a scorching summer complete with drought, we finally had some rain this week.  You would think that after the heat, I would also welcome the much cooler temperatures that came with the rain, but it's unseasonably cool.  Aren't I picky?  Too hot! Too cold!  Sigh. I'm sure things will warm up again for a few weeks at least but right now, it definitely feels like fall outside.

I love fall, but early September is too soon!  I have decided to hang on to summer just a little longer and bring some fresh bright blooms into my sewing room. The blooms in my garden are definitely done, as I gave up trying to keep thing watered, but here are the raw materials for the sewing room garden.

I'm not sure if all those fabrics will make the cut. At the store, I couldn't find the right fabrics to quite match the picture in my mind. It was hard to rethink the colour plan on the fly, so I ended up buying a little more so I could play around a little.  I'm not sure about including the bright blue, but the light aquas would be very bland on their own against the red.  I could use only the red, and maybe pink prints, but that might be a bit too much red for me.  I'll make blocks and see how they all play together.

I made a sample block with scraps.

It needs a little tweaking.  I think the leaves are a little distracting, so they need a little work.  I'm getting closer to a final design.  I may make enough progress to share more next week.

I'm off to sew! Have a good weekend!



  1. Can't wait to see what those pretty fabrics become.... maybe add a deep purple to the mix for a pop?

  2. The block looks very nice, and whatever changes you think you need to make, I'm sure will look great too. I love the fabrics you've chosen. ---"Love"

  3. Man, I hang onto summer by my fingernails!! We had one chilly day and I was hatin’ it! Fall’s ok but hate what comes after!! Definitely not a cold fan as I can’t get warm. I’m just a wimp. 🙁

  4. I here ya. I go to a shop with over 3,000 fabrics and you’d think they would have just what I’m after. Nope. Then again, when you have something in your mind’s eye near enough isn’t good enough.

  5. I like the block! the colours you choose look good together.

  6. I hear ya about hanging onto summer! It's feeling too much like fall up here too. I am ready about the end of September to accept it. On the other hand if it is cool outside it feels great to stay in and sew. I am liking your flower block.

  7. Have fun with those cheerful (summer-y) colors!

  8. Too hot - too cold - it will make for an interesting temperature quilt!

  9. Fun, fresh fabrics! They will definitely help hang on to summer a little longer :)


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