Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Temperature Quilt Tuesday

I have not been consistent about posting my temperature quilt progress!  Let's see if I can do better for what remains of the year.  Here is the quilt top so far, up to date through August 31. It's been rather fun to let go and allow the daily temperatures to select color placement for me.

Quilt top with multicolor waves

I photographed it sideways because my fence is short.  January is on the far left, August on the far right.  You can see it has been hot this summer.  The darkest red is for everything above 30 degrees Celcius (above 86 F), and a lot of those were hovering in the mid-thirties C (mid 90s F).

I underestimated how many of those days we'd have.  Either my memory of past summers is poor or we have had a particularly hot one in 2020. I suppose I could go look up past years' data, but I'm really not that motivated! At any rate, I ran out of the dark red and had to scoot to the quilt shop for more.  I may or may not have left the store with other pretties to make the trip worthwhile.

OK.  More fabric did come home with me.  More on that another time, after I take pretty pictures of pretty fabric :)

In the meantime, you can still get your copy of the Temperature Quilt pattern here.  You can start now and record through next summer, or you can catch up all at once on this year's data, or you can tuck the pattern away for next calendar year. Don't forget to check out my post from March about getting organised for Temp Quilt success.

Happy quilting,


  1. Think of the fun you will have when you are tucked under the quilt this winter! You can recall all the hot summer days of this past summer while counting off the days of the long winter to come. Then you can compare the two winters.

  2. It's looking really good so far. I like the days where in the middle of warm there is a cold one or vice a versa. Like here. Yesterday was 28 degC and today was 14 degC.

  3. That is a lot of red days! I'd be afraid to do one... it is way too hot here!

  4. I always come home with more fabric than I intended when I go to the shop! lol It's a really cool (or I guess hot) quilt - I love how it's coming along.

  5. That is the neatest idea, and you've done a great job keeping up with all the temperature changes. I'd never be able to stay that motivated, but I love watching your "thermometer" changes. Have fun with it! ---"Love"

  6. I did download your pattern with good intentions... I love how this is shaping up. It was a very hot summer here too, and DRY. So the wasps are the worst we've seen, most annoying for my love of eating outside. Yay for a little fabric therapy. And I get a little grin seeing your maple leaf favicon. :-)

  7. You chose a great design for your temp quilt! What really stands out to me is how fast the temperatures rose into those red zones. Spring was really short this year :)

  8. I really like your layout. This is a fun design--kudos on keeping it up.
    You have to gather what you can while at the fabric store. You never know when something like a pandemic may shut the store down.

  9. I agree that it's rare when we are perfectly happy with the weather we've got. I do think these days there are some extreme swings going on that make it hard to adjust. However, adjust we must!! That could be a slogan on a quilt I suppose!! I was born in Canada and my family moved to L.A., California to get away from the cold. This week it hit 118 degrees in my hometown, so be careful what you ask for, right?? I now live in New Jersey and it's been mild and lovely here with scattered rainy days. Winter is coming and I'm sure this winter of 2020 will be a doozy!! Until then, we have our creative endeavors to keep us sane. I hope you're continuing to embrace the changes coming your way. Thank you for sharing your colorful and beautiful quilt.

  10. Oh and one more thing, I really love the flower block with the leaves included. That's just me but I think it's different with the added green.

  11. It was a great idea for 2020! Something to remember an unusual year by.


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