Sunday, January 22, 2023

Hovering - The Blue and Frost version

 A few weeks ago, as I was looking through photos, I came across pictures of this quilt taken last fall.  The pictures were OK, but the rusts and golds of the fall landscape didn't really match the quilt.  Snow would have been a much better backdrop.  While we got plenty of snow at Christmas, it never occurred to me to take the quilt out.  By the time I saw the fall pictures and wished for snowy pictures, the snow had melted.

Mother Nature gave me a second chance.  The day after I looked at the fall photos, I woke up to this.

Freezing fog overnight turned the trees into sparkly wonders. This is even better than snow for a blue and silver quilt!

It would be even better with a bit more snow to mask the leafy ground, but still, I'm quite pleased with the frosty backdrop.

The background fabric is Chalk and charcoal by Jennifer Sampou from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  The grey accent is a Shadow Play from Maywood Studio.  The blue and silver prints are fabrics from several years ago.  I think they were from Timeless Treasures.

As I mentioned is yesterday's post where I shared another version of the quilt, the blocks and offset accent were strip pieced to avoid cutting and sewing hundreds of squares.  Except for the pause to sulk after sewing on a row on upside down this quilt was a quick project.  It only took a weekend to cut and piece (I'm not counting the sulking time).

That's all the pictures for today.  For the rest of the day, I'm planning a bit of quilting on my 2020 Temperature Quilt.  I'm rather embarrassed at how long it is taking me to finish that one.  I finished piecing it in early January 2021, prepped the backing last September, crowed on Facebook about finally basting the quilt in October yet still have no quilted it.  Toady, there will be progress!  Unless I get distracted by a squirrel.  I'll report back!

Happy quilting,


The Hovering pattern is available as a PDF downloads in my Etsy shop or you can ask for a print copy at your favourite quilt shop.


  1. Love the hero shots once again & glad to hear that someone else has flimsies needing to be quilted too. Squirrels (possums to me down under) do quite often get in the way here as well. Thanks for sharing, take care and hugs.

  2. Wow - that frost and snow! So pretty with the blues.

  3. This is the second pattern I got from your shop, and I love it. My colors are summery: Kaffe Fasset reds and greens for the blocks and Moda grunge red and orange for the background and shadows. I only finished one row, but the result is already stunning.
    Thank you for the great pattern. Is was my mistake and mine alone that I misread the fabric requirements and had to get another 4 yards for the background. :) I was so relieved that they still carried it, because I bought the fabric just in case the perfect pattern came by last summer.


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