Saturday, January 21, 2023

Hovering in the Wild - part 1

Last November I found the perfect spot to photograph this quilt, and I've been itching to share, but I was asked to hold off sharing photos until the fabric started shipping to stores.  Collaborating with fabric companies is requiring me to develop a little bit of patience.  It's tough, but it's worth it for the opportunity to get first crack at some new Island Batik fabrics.  

Pattern: Hovering by Canuck Quilter Designs
Fabric: Naturescape by Jerry Khiev for Island Batik

I had a flat shot on a wall for the pattern cover, but the quilt really needed some glamour shots.  On a weekend walk at a local park, this spot whispered to me.  I came back the next weekend with the quilt and did a little happy dance.

Pattern: Hovering by Canuck Quilter Designs
Fabric: Naturescapes by Jerry Khiev for Island Batik

The colours of the bark, the lake, the grey sky, and the rusty leaves just go with these fabrics.  The collection is called Naturescape, so I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

I love the little bits of rusty brown in some of the prints.  I wouldn't have thought of pairing those with the light blues and greens, but they really work.  I guess nature has the palette all figured out.

This pattern is an offshoot from the Scrap Garden quilt I made in 2020 that was published in Make Modern magazine in March 2021.  I'd made that one with scraps, with smaller squares and blocks.  Hovering is designed to be 2 1/2" strip-friendly.

The 16-patches and block shadows are strip-pieced, so you don't need to cut and sew a bazillion squares.  You can use a strip pack for maximum scrappiness, but the pattern is written to cut strips from just 8 prints.  I sometimes find I don't like a few of the fabrics in a strip pack, so cutting my strips from yardage instead lets me curate the fabrics to suit me more.

I'll be sharing a second version of this quilt soon.  You saw a sneak peek a year ago when I was testing out the pattern and goofed.  I have finally fixed the goof, finished the quilt, and even found a perfect day to take pictures.  I took pictures of it at the same time as the version in this post, but those browns and rusts didn't do anything for the blues and silvers in the second quilt.  Come back tomorrow for the blue version.

Happy quilting,


Buy your PDF copy of the Hovering pattern in my Etsy shop or ask for a print copy at your favourite quilt shop.  

The Naturescape collection from Island Batik is shipping to stores now.


  1. Love your hero shots & also the pattern. I'll be back for another photo laden post tomorrow, and I really need to pop you an email. Take care and hugs.

  2. That is a gorgeous fabric collection, and your photo shoot took place in the perfect spot to highlight the colors. I love patterns that give the illusion of floating. Beautiful post!

  3. The glamour shots definitley highlight the colours and tones in the batiks. A deceptively simple pattern for maximum effect. Nice work.

  4. Love the pix out in that beautiful backdrop!! And I love the shadow effect with the blocks. Simply gorgeous!

  5. Great quilt. And that is a lovely backdrop for that quilt. The colors go so nicely together.

  6. I think this nature scape is my favorite of the 3 color ways and absolutely love the floating feeling like sleep - just floating into dreamland. (too poetic - but love the quilt)

  7. Love the fabric, quilt and the location for the photo shoot.

  8. It's a beautiful quilt and I love all the photos you've taken with it........


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