That took how long?

I managed to baste the swap quilt on the carpet without pinning it to the carpet after all.  Well, I did pin it down in a couple of places, but not too many. 
I started quilting it yesterday.  It didn’t go as quickly as I anticipated. Would you believe it took me three hours just to quilt in the ditch on both sides of the white sashing?  I am happy to report that my stitching, while it still needs work, was straighter and more even than in my previous effort, and the needle didn’t skip out of the ditch as often either.
IMG_4659 I’m glad I tested out my free motion ideas ahead of time.  I wasn’t 100% happy with what I posted last time, so I went back to the pencil and paper again.  I unpicked the center stuff in one block of the test runner and substituted a spinning sunburst. I’m much happier with it and that’s what I’ve been quilting on my quilt yesterday and today.
IMG_4661 I have 11 of the 25 blocks quilted.  I only got 4 done this afternoon but there’s still the evening…


  1. Wow! You're really rolling. And yes, I do believe it took that long to stitch in the ditch. It's such a simple way of quilting, I've let myself believe it will go fast too, but there's a lot of inches to cover! I love the spinning sunburst you've added - it gives it a little motion without overpowering the block. I can't wait to see it finished! (Of course, then it will make me feel like more of a slacker for not having mine done, but honestly I'm terrified to quilt it for fear of ruining it!)

  2. It looks really great. I am quite impressed with your quilting.

  3. Wow is right! The spinning sunburst looks lovely. I see those prairie points, too.


  4. I've found stitch in the ditch to be like "spend your life in the ditch", it takes me forever! I really like the sunburst in the center. Funny how a small change can make such a big impact. I can't believe you're halfway done already!

  5. I love the spinning sunburst. It really adds alot. I have to give you credit for pinning on the carpet. I get down but can't get up anymore. Great job.

  6. I think it looks great;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. It's beautiful, fantastic, gorgeous!


  8. Looks great! ! ! Stitching in the ditch does take a long time and it is not very interesting but it looks great when it is done. I plan on stitching all of mine in the ditch, then I have a pretty stencil for the triangle blocks along the edges. I'm glad to see your are making wonderful progress!

  9. It looks awesome! I can't wait to get to work on mine, but don't know when it will happen.

  10. It looks fabulous! That's a terrific design for the centre of the blocks. I need to make some progress....any progress on mine. And there is a small matter of some labels that I need to attend to. Ann :-)


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