Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basting geese

No, I’m not roasting a few geese.  I have however basted my Wandering Geese quilt.  Basting is still not my favourite part of making a quilt, but my new basting frame improved things.
I remembered reading about this but couldn’t remember where so I Googled “quilt basting frame” and came up with several references and some instructions.  I settled on the inexpensive option: four 8 foot long pieces of 1x2 lumber, 4 C-clamps and strips of inexpensive muslin.  I had to cut two of the pieces of lumber down to 7 feet so I could use this frame downstairs with the low ceilings. I wrapped the wood with the muslin, tacking the muslin down in a few spots with a staple gun.  I then used the C-clamps to clamp the pieces into a rectangular frame just a bit smaller than my quilt backing.  All the instructions said to balance the frame on 4 straight-backed chairs, but lacking those I balanced two ends on small tables of similar height.
IMG_5483After pinning the backing fabric to the muslin wrappings, pulling it nice and taut as I worked, it looked like this. 
Next I spread the batting on top, then smoothed the quilt top on top of that.  I pin basted all the way around the edges then enlisted help to prop the frame up against the wall.
It worked!  No sagging, no crawling around on hands and knees, no wrinkling of the quilt sandwich while crawling around and no accidental pinning of anything to the carpet!
This was easier than trying to baste in sections on the kitchen table, too.  It also had the advantage of not having to get all the basting done in one go so we could clear the table for supper.  I sat in a chair to baste the bottom half, and stood for the top half.
Now for the next step!
Sneak peek…


  1. That worked really well! Beats crawling around the floor. Thansk for the sneak peek - looks good so far! ann :-)

  2. You know you're a quilter when you read a post title with "basting" in it and you never think about roasting in the oven... It's looking amazing! I love how you're quilting it.

  3. That is a great idea! It worked out well and it can be dismantled and stored easily. Your quilt is amazing, it is so bright and cheerful!

  4. That's a great idea! Sure looks a lot easier and better than the way I tried and posted about back on March 8, 2010! (By the way, that quilt is still basted just like it was in that post! Got to undo it and get it to my quilter I guess!) I still have the boards, which I think would work great for your method! Maybe I'll try it next time I get brave. Your quilting design is perfect for your quilt! Looks beautiful! ---"Love"

  5. What a great way to baste. I might have to try this out, but then again that would mean I would have to work on finishing a quilt (which I have not been good at recently). I just love this quilt and can't wait to see the finished product and how you decided to quilt it!

  6. What a bright quilt! I love it;) And the basting method...wonderful!! I am going to have to figure something out here in the new's much smaller and has no room for basting anywhere. Maybe I need to think about doing smaller projects for a while. Anyway, enough about me;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. It is such a beautiful quilt and the quilting is wonderful!!
    What a great way to layer your quilt.

  8. That looks like a real nifty way to baste! I usually set up 2 tables in the garage and that has worked pretty well for me. However, I have a couple large quilts getting ready to baste in the near future, so I'm considering the best way to baste a king size and queen size quilt. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Ah, geez, I so love that quilt!


  10. I could just look at this quilt all day! LOVE it!


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