Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snipping threads

I have never worked with fabric that frayed as much as the fabric in my Wandering Geese quilt.  I’ve spent hours snipping fraying threads off the back, and I’m sure there will still be at least one stray one that will sneak onto the white bits and show through after I have everything quilted! 
I have no idea what this fabric is.  I bought it as fat quarter bundles and there wasn’t any identifying info on any of the selvedges.  I wasn’t thinking about fabric quality when I bought these.  I was just sucked in by the pretty colours.  I still like them.  I just wish they would stop fraying already!
IMG_5441I’m almost ready to baste and quilt the quilt.  Here’s the backing all ready to go.  All I have left to do is assemble 4 8-foot-long 1x2 pieces of lumber, muslin strips and 4 C-clamps into a basting frame and I can get to work.  I have never used a basting frame but I haven’t been happy with how I’ve basted the last few quilts.  The backing wasn’t as smooth as I would like.  I remembered reading about a basting frame in a library book (don’t remember which one!) and decided it was inexpensive enough to be worth a try.  The book suggested that once the quilt was on the frame it could be propped against a wall to make it easy to reach the center.  I won’t get around to this until early next week.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Now I’m off to hand quilt the last block of my maple leaf quilt (the one from my header).  Yay!  I’ll need to add a bit of quilting to the borders after I finish the edges (I need to leave about an inch unquilted until the back is sewn to the prairie points)  but the end is in sight!


  1. I've had to deal with some raveling fabrics too, and it is no fun! Seems like I'd pick the top clean today, and do it again tomorrow! And that's after the laundry ravels were clipped off! Your basting plan sound interesting; will want to read how it turns out! That backing is pretty! ---"Love"

  2. YOur back looks wonderful....and the front as well...


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